Oil Pulling: Hemp for Oral Hygiene

Posted by Guest on 10th Apr 2019

Oil Pulling: Hemp for Oral Hygiene

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is a nutrient-dense oil produced by pressing hemp seeds. Not to be confused for CBD oil, this powerhouse substance holds a range of health benefits all its own, not to mention its many beauty applications as a result. One benefit particularly worth bragging about is its effect on dental and oral hygiene when used in the health practice known as oil pulling.

What Is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic practice of swishing oil around in your mouth, much like you would with conventional mouthwash. The benefits of oil pulling, however, surpass those of its alcohol and chemical based modern counterparts. Many conventional mouthwashes not only have the potential to actually be abrasive, but are also just plain uncomfortable. This is especially true when it comes to children, those with braces, and special dental care requirements. Pulling with hemp oil is a gentle, yet powerful, alternative.

Hemp Oil as a Preventative

Despite its gentle nature, hemp oil is quite capable of defending your mouth, teeth, and gums from the damage of bacteria and plaque. Not only is it antibacterial, but it’s also antimicrobial and antifungal. Of course, killing bacteria would do much good if the cause for it was still built up in your mouth. Pulling with hemp oil works to clean your entire oral cavity, removing food particles and debris. This is because your saliva contains natural lipids (fats), which bind together with other fats (the hemp oil). After rinsing the oil around, this binding process traps all the ickiness in the oil, which you are then able to spit out, thereby ridding your mouth of the bacteria that often leads to oral health problems. Plus it freshens breath and can help combat the effects of dry mouth by keeping your mouth lubricated.

Hemp Oil as a Remedy

Maintaining a healthy mouth isn’t the only reason to oil pull with hemp; it can also help you ease the discomfort associated with oral conditions and/or damages you may already have. Gingivitis is caused by excess bacteria in the mouth, which, as you’ve learned, can be reduced with oil pulling. With continued use, you’ll see gingivitis dissipate- good news, since it can lead to an array of other issues, like gum recession, bone loss in the jaw, and heart problems. Inflammation in the mouth, due to tooth damage, gingivitis, or abscess can also be alleviated with the use of hemp oil, as it contains natural anti-inflammatory properties that will ease the discomfort. Moreover, regular pulling can also reduce the risk of dental abscess and slow down additional decay to a damaged tooth due to its antibacterial nature.

Everyone should make decisions that are right for them after careful consideration, particularly when it comes to health, whether you’re looking to treat an existing condition or prevent issues from arising. Many people agree that hemp oil works wonders for oral hygiene in both capacities; if you give it a go, you may discover the same.