Kill Fat with the Keto Diet and Hemp Seeds or Hemp Hearts

Posted by Hippie Butter on 12th Jun 2016

Kill Fat with the Keto Diet and Hemp Seeds

Experts used to say, “If you eat fat, you get fat.” Then they woke up and realized that it was almost the exact opposite. Sometimes, the more fat we eat, the less we gain and the more we lose. The ketogenic diet focuses on this concept, with great results for many people. Using hemp seeds as part of the diet helps people get the fat and protein they need without the costly carbs.

What Is The Ketogenic Diet?

Simply put, this diet takes carbohydrates almost entirely out of the equation. Anyone who has read anything about diet in the past 10-15 years knows that carbs are ruining America, one sugar-coated donut at a time. Like many low-carb diets, keto seeks to turn this around. There are several approaches to the keto diet, but they all involve a carefully-calculated proportion of fat, protein and carbs. The standard diet consists of 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein and 5 percent carbs.

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How Does The Keto Diet Work?

The premise behind the  keto diet is to get our bodies to burn fat for energy instead of sugar. When we eat a high-carb diet, our bodies have a ton of sugars (or starches that convert to sugars) to burn for energy. The extra sugars are stored as fat. If we keep sending more sugars down the pipeline, the body has no need to convert any of the fat to energy. By denying the body access to most carbohydrates, the ketogenic diet puts the body into ketosis, a physical state that forces the body to derive energy from other sources, such as fat. It is often used to manage conditions like diabetes, and can be very effective for weight loss.

Why Are Hemp Seeds Awesome For The Keto Diet?

The trick is to find foods that are much higher in fat. Diet experts ordinarily recommend keeping fat in the diet to less than 30 percent, which is a lot less than the keto diet. A diet that is 75 percent fat requires a lot more fat than we’re used to. Thankfully, hemp seeds have a great balance of fat and protein. They also are very low in carbs, so they do not cause trouble for people trying to keep their carbs to a handful of grams per day.

Going for a high-fat diet requires some extra thought. Thankfully, hemp seeds make it a big success. With the higher fat and moderate protein of hemp seeds, we can maintain energy, lose weight and feel great.

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