Hemp a Nutritious, Safe Ingredient to Enjoy During Pregnancy

Posted by Mellow Mel on 29th Apr 2019

It is no wonder why in a recent national survey on top new health trends hemp made it to the top five of the list. Found in everything from crisp waffles to smooth nut butters, and even coffee, hemp i … read more

Healthy Hemp-Based Foods for Your Next Celebration

Posted by Melete on 18th Apr 2019

Hemp seeds have been shown to improve digestion, reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause, reduce the risk of heart disease, lower inflammation throughout the body, boost immune system function, and more. … read more

Is A Low Carb Diet Safe For My Kids?

Posted by Brad on 14th Apr 2019

The views on whether a low carb diet plan is safe for kids are mixed.Some people believe that kids benefit from low carbohydrate diet plans since they reduce their wheat and sugar intake.They think pa … read more

Oil Pulling: Hemp for Oral Hygiene

Posted by Guest on 10th Apr 2019

Hemp oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is a nutrient-dense oil produced by pressing hemp seeds. Not to be confused for CBD oil, this powerhouse substance holds a range of health benefits all its own, … read more