Why You Need to Switch to Hemp Coffee in the Morning

Posted by Harmony on 8th Jul 2019

Why You Need to Switch to Hemp Coffee in the Morning

As hippies at heart, we've all heard of hemp at some point. Hemp in clothes, hemp oil and butter to use in food. But now there's something new on the scene that we're going crazy over, and it's about to make your mornings a whole lot easier...

Hemp Coffee is the latest in healthy products for happy people. But, why trade in your average cup'o jo for this?

Whether you're new to hemp, or an absolute purist who swears by it in their daily diet, it's important to know that hemp contains more omega acids than any other plant.

Why are Omega Acids important?

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid or EFA for short. Omega 3 EFAs benefit the body by:

• Aiding Brain Growth and Development

• Strengthening Immune Systems

• Ensuring Healthy Functioning Nervous Systems

• Reducing Inflammation

• Preventing and Improving the Effects of Mental Illness and Disorders

Omega 3 EFAs have also been known to act as preventatives for more serious diseases and conditions to, having been known to reduce the risk of, and treat cancer.

EFAs are also known to prevent diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's and heart disease. In fact, the risk of a fatal heart attack is reduced by 10% with a higher intake of Omega 3.

To learn more about the benefits of Omega 3, be sure to check out our article about it here!

Benefits of Hemp Coffee

If you don't cook with hemp oil, or have difficulty finding time to cook omega-rich meals, hemp coffee is a great way of injecting just the omega boost you need into your daily diet.

So what are the benefits of Hippie Butter's Hemp Coffee?

It's much easier on your tum and is much less acidic than regular coffee.

Our hemp coffee is made with organically roasted, fair-trade Mexican coffee beans for a beautifully smooth yet bold flavor, with a hemp nut aftertaste.

So say bye-bye to the bitterness, baby! Our perfected blending process has made sure to eliminate that!

Our hemp coffee also contains 2.5 grams of "Sea Free" Omega-3 fatty acids and 8 grams of "Sea Free" Omega-6 fatty acids per serving (100g-dry weight).

Remember all the benefits we listed that have been linked to Omega 3 EFAs? Well, you can bet you'll get those by switching from regular to hemp coffee every morning. 

A lot of people are drawn to our hemp coffee because it reduces those nasty heart palpitations and jitters that sometimes come from the caffeine levels in other coffees. 

Many people also report less, or a complete absence of headaches after switching from normal to hemp coffee, a symptom often caused, again, by the amount of caffeine in other regular coffee brands.


Our hemp coffee is made up of a blend of hemp seeds and coffee beans, so rest assured you'll still get your morning energy kick, but with added health benefits too, so you can feel better about it all day long!

We've even been given the nod of approval by Men's Journal and Ministry of Hemp because we're just that good!

A coffee drink with the added bonus of superfood health benefits? Yes please! To explore our range and try it out for yourself, be sure to check out our coffee product page today!

10 Reasons To Drink Hemp Seed Coffee

What Are The Advantages Of Hemp Coffee?

While the list is long and ongoing, these are the top 8 things that make Hemp Coffee much better than common coffee and a fantastic anytime beverage:

  1. It consists of more protein in every cup
  2. It uses Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that are excellent for the brain and immune system.
  3. You will not get the jitters from Hemp Coffee
  4. Reduced 'coffee headaches'
  5. No more upset stomach because hemp coffee is less acidic
  6. Less bitter taste
  7. Significantly reduces the opportunity of caffeine high and/or crash
  8. Due to the oily nature of the hemp seeds, hemp coffee remains fresh 2-3x longer than regular coffee.

Don't forget Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Coffee is gluten-free, non-Gmo, and contains no THC.