Why are hemp seeds good for you?

Posted by Hippie Butter on 18th Feb 2015

Why are hemp seeds good for you?

Why Are Hemp Seeds Good For You?

Some people shy away from hemp seeds, worrying about hemp’s venerable relationship to marijuana. Well, we are hooked on hemp seeds and proud of it. There’s no natural reason to fear this natural crunch, because it provides so many health benefits. Whether we want to improve a vegan diet, build some awesome muscles at the gym or just keep that young-looking skin, hemp seed products do the job.

Vegan Heaven

We all remember what it was like when we first made the decision to go vegan. Goodbye, meat! Sayonara, dairy and eggs! Only, now what? Oh, everyone who goes vegan thinks they will be eating tons of fruit and vegetables. And, it is absolutely true. But, fruit and vegetables alone can be lacking in a couple of things people need to keep moving, namely fat and  protein. The trick is to find the right balance of fat and protein without having to eat almonds until we sprout almonds. Hemp seeds are awesome because they can replace nuts to give a little variety, in the form of hemp seed oilhemp butter and even bread.

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Fitness Friends

Since many people change up their diets as part of an overall plan to get fitter, we would be remiss if we did not mention how great hemp seeds are for the fitness buff. Most people who make a big switch to veganism notice that they lose weight. The problem is that people lose muscle at the same time they lose fat, unless they work to rebuild that muscle with exercise and strength training. And again, hemp seeds to the rescue. Hemp seeds have the perfect balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6s to keep inflammation down. Even better, hemp seeds are rich in the fatty acid leucine. Studies show that eating a meal rich in leucine just a few times a day contributes to better muscle development as part of a strength-training program.

Body Care

It’s all the rage right now to use  body care products that are all-natural, using only the best ingredients. And, hemp seed oil is at the top of that list. People who are positively itching for relief from eczema find that eating hemp seed oil minimizes the breakouts. For acute treatment, they can put a little hemp seed oil on the skin. This helps to keep skin and hair moisturized, without creating the awful oily feeling. We love to use hemp seed oil shampooconditionerbody soap and moisturizing cream.

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Hemp seed products for the Win! 

We can make a healthy diet even better and improve our muscle mass by eating hemp seeds. We help our skin be healthy and look more beautiful. The best part is, there’s no breaking the law in this application of the plant. And, all we’re jonesing for is the benefits we get.