When Eating Hemp Seed Protein Bars, Timing is Key

Posted by Holly on 19th Feb 2017

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The skinny on hemp seed protein bars is that they probably won’t make you skinny. However, when used properly, protein bars can be an effective tool for fitness or weight loss. 

The trick is not to fall into the trap of thinking they are a light snack. When we fuel our bodies at the right time, we have the energy for everything from watching Lego Batman to CrossFit.

Protein for Workouts

Eating before and after hard workouts is crucial. Too little food at the beginning and we lack the fortitude to get through that last set. Too little food afterward, and we feel weak. 

On balance, the best time to really load up on protein is after the workout, not beforehand. Muscles break down a bit during exercise, and they need extra protein to rebuild. 

A hemp protein bar after a workout should have 10-20 grams of protein (from hemp seeds or other sources) and several grams of fat, but not a ton of sugar.

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Hemp Seed Bars for Weight Loss

Some protein bar manufacturers tout the use of the product for weight loss, but this is a tricky feat to complete. The trouble is that protein bars usually contain a specific ratio of protein, fat and sugars (including fiber) that are designed to fuel people who are doing a complicated workout. 

All of these components take calories, meaning that a protein bar could easily have as much fat and calories as a Snickers bar. Keep that in mind, before feeling too hungry. 

When they are used as a small meal or a meal replacement, hemp seed protein bars can provide nutrition and satiation without adding too many extra calories. Hemp bars will also stop sugar cravings all day long.

Eating in Moderation

Too much of anything could be a bad thing, and all hemp protein bars are not created equal. When shopping around, look for protein bars containing less sugar and unnecessary fillers. Always keep the protein bar’s purpose in mind, whether it is for weight loss or fitness. 

People who eat a hemp seed protein bar first thing in the morning, on their way to the donut shop, aren’t doing it right.

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Protein bars seem like a quick and easy way to beef up the protein in a daily diet, but they come with some warnings. Eating them too often may contribute to unwanted weight loss. 

A protein bar after a good workout, or as a meal replacement during a diet, is the most effective time to get good nutrition for everything we want to do.

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