Want Better Sex? There's an Oil For That

Posted by Hippie Butter on 5th Jun 2015

Want Better Sex? There's an Oil For That

Want Better Sex? There's an Oil For That

Are you alone? Good. Let’s talk about erectile dysfunction. OK, we can chat about your “friend” who totally has this problem. This post addresses all the stuff that goes on in the bedroom, and how to fix what’s going wrong. Oh, there are a lot of reasons that men have a hard time getting going, as it were. But if you are smart, you’ll heed our advice. Environmental toxins build up in the body and they can put a serious damper on your love life. Just load up on some  hemp seeds and it will be surprising how a small dietary change can make such a big difference in sexual response.

The Dangers of Dioxins

The elephant in the bedroom here is dioxins. These are environmental contaminants that come from industry, the gift that keeps on giving. The issue is that dioxins accumulate in fat cells, making them very hard to get rid of. Those who eat animal products are particularly susceptible, as they eat the fat cells of other animals like beef, shellfish, eggs or fish. Dioxins disrupt hormones, which can cause all sorts of non-fun in the bedroom. Dioxin overload is associated with:

  • erectile function and impotence
  • low sperm count
  • immune disorders
  • birth defects

and more opportunities for misery than we could possibly imagine.

Cleaning Up the Reproductive System

Now that the dioxins are already here, it’s tempting to think, ‘OK, I’m screwed. There’s nothing I can do.’ But that’s not accurate.  Hemp seed oil and other hemp products are one way that we can clear our bodies of the damage that dioxins wants to wreak. As it turns out, saturated fats are associated with a lower sperm count in men. Adding a healthy dose of Omega-3 fatty acids as a replacement to saturated fats helps to reverse the dioxin disaster-in-waiting. The Omega-3s present in hemp seeds promote the release of nitric oxide, which is so important for proper sexual response and the prevention of erectile dysfunction.

For some people, it’s hard to imagine that  hemp seeds could almost be an aphrodisiac. And yet, adding hemp seed oil to a healthy diet is one way to help guarantee that sex will continue to be good for years to come. A mere tablespoon or two each day has the potential to keep the Viagra away. Just be sure to tell your “friend” all about it.