Ultimate Brain Food Hemp Power Mix

Posted by Hippie Butter on 15th Sep 2015

Ultimate Brain Food Hemp Power Mix

Ultimate Brain Food Hemp Power Mix

This world is full of protein powder options that are supposedly healthy and intended to provide improvement for the brain. The trouble is that they are often chock full of fillers that are as hard to pronounce as they are to understand. That’s why we love our protein powder. It’s made from all-natural hemp seeds with a naturally increased protein content. That way, we don’t have to worry that we are consuming franken-ingredients to boost our brain power.

Brain Food

We like to think that hemp seeds are the ultimate brain food. And as it turns out, there’s a lot more to it than just a bit of whimsy. Protein is the food for the brain. While the brain itself is made largely out of fat, proteins are the way that the brain’s neurons communicate. This means that getting extra protein is important for more than bulking up at the gym. In fact, when we down some hemp seed protein powder, we are fueling our brains for whatever mental task we need to complete. Increasing protein intake with hemp seeds is actually quite easy. In order to boost the protein content to 50 percent, we just take out a bit of the fiber, leaving the fat and protein largely intact. The best part is that with this protein powder, there’s no need to have a degree in chemistry to understand the ingredients.

Protein For Regeneration

Another reason we love our protein powder from hemp seeds is that it is so good for body regeneration. We all know about that workout that just takes every ounce out of you. It’s no good to spend an hour or more at the gym and then just head off to Dunkin Donuts. Our bodies need the right kind of protein to rebuild muscle and other tissues, to get stronger for the next workout. Hemp seeds have the perfect combination of fats and the amino acid leucine. Just a serving of leucine a couple of times a day makes sure that we have all the energy we need, with plenty of room to regenerate our muscles and come back for more.

Our brains need lots of protein to function, but where that protein comes from makes a big difference. If we stock up on hemp seeds and hemp seed protein powder, we are set for brain power and regeneration the natural way.

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