​Three Good Reasons to Add Hemp Seeds to Your Morning Smoothie

Posted by Ghost Writer on 6th Apr 2016

​Three Good Reasons to Add Hemp Seeds to Your Morning Smoothie

Three Good Reasons to Add Hemp Seeds to Your Morning Smoothie

Superfoods are becoming all the rage among today's health food enthusiasts. If everyone else knew about these beneficial complements to good health they would be going nuts as well.

We have chia seeds, flax seeds, goji berries and cocoa nibs aplenty, but there is another minuscule seed with a potent combination of beautifying and revitalizing nutrients that has not been given its well deserved appreciation and that is the hemp seed. Here are three convincing reasons why you should add hemp seed to your morning smoothie.

Beautifying Tonic for the Hair, Nails and Skin

The hemp seed is an especially oily little orb. The high quality oils contained therein have seen extensive applications in the fields of cosmetics and skin treatments since time immemorial. This oil has the capacity to penetrate deep into skin layers, nail roots and hair strands, promoting healthy growth and providing essential nutrients to the cells.

Hemp seed oil is also the oldest and most effective treatment for skin conditions, such as, eczema and psoriasis. Adding a tablespoon to your smoothie or juice is a great way to prevent the onset of these conditions.

Hormonal Balance

Prostaglandins are the hormone-like substances that have been found to be essential to balancing and regulating important body functions. Reports conclude that these prostaglandins help to regulate body temperature, assist in smooth muscle movement, as well as, control inflammation.

Hemp seeds have been found very high in GLA or gamma linolenic acid. The hemp seedís high levels and perfect ratios of omega-3 and omega 6 fatty acids not only contribute to improved cardiovascular health, but also improve hormonal balance.

Furthermore, GLA is an essential ingredient for producing prostaglandins in the body. The increased ability to control inflammation, balance hormones and improve body functions must be why the hemp seed was often prescribed in the past to offset the discomforts of menses.

Improved Digestive Health

Hemp seeds have many benefits to proffer the digestive process, making this the number one reason hemp seeds belong in your morning smoothie. Not only do hemp seeds help to consolidate the meal and nullify hunger pains that lead to between meal nibblings later on in the day, but they also have a high fiber content that work to keep the bowels sparkling clean.

Hemp seeds also encourage the production of probiotics in the digestive tract, leading to an improved immune system. The benefits of probiotics could fill an entire new article.

The Jolly Green Breakfast Shake

In order to prepare this nutritious and energizing breakfast shake, you will need a good sized blender, as well as this short list of ingredients:

1 Frozen Banana ó Slice into discs

1 Pear - Peel, remove the core and slice into chunks

Half a Hass Avocado - If the avocado is large use a quarter.

1/4 Cup of Parsley - High in Vit. C

1 Full cup of Greens ó This could be any one of your favorite leafy veggies. Spinach, chard or kale, or try them all.

1 Teaspoon of Lemon Juice

1 Tablespoon of Hemp Seeds

1/2 Cups of Milk


Combine all the ingredients into your blender and turn on a high speed until thoroughly combined, wait a couple more seconds and shut it offó this makes it a bit more frothy.

Serve in a tall glass and garnish with a little parsley. This nutritious complement to your daily diet will keep you healthy and beautiful, despite the hectic lifestyle you may lead.

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Stephany Lehman is a skin care and natural health enthusiast. She helps to run a site, AriaStarrBeauty.com that shares her passion and commitment to organic skin and beauty care.