The Many Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

Posted by Ghost Writer on 15th Jan 2016

The Many Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

Cooking for many of us boils down to quick and easy. We opt for both easy preparation and clean-up, rather than health and safety. Teflon and non-stick cookware has become a way of life. We enjoy the ease of our flawlessly cooked eggs and prefer no scrubbing afterward. Natural cast iron, once the only cookware we used, has been forgotten.

Cast iron has many benefits which have long been forgotten. Not only is cast iron durable it is the healthy choice. When seasoned properly it is non-stick and has many benefits for its user.

Benefits of Cast Iron Cookware

  • No unhealthy toxic fumes are given off of cast iron. The health risks of aluminum and Teflon are avoided.
  • Cast iron has a high heat tolerance and can be used in the oven or the outdoor grill.
  • As stated, cast iron is non-stick when seasoned properly. It can also be purchased pre-seasoned or easily treated at home with a few simple steps.
  • Once seasoned, cast iron is non-stick.
  • Compared to other types of cooking options, it is fairly priced and lasts a lifetime.
  • The health benefits include a boost to the immune system and an added intake of iron, both of which improve health.
  • Cooking is flawless. Browning is even, and cooking is thorough and once the heat source is removed food stays warm for an extended period of time.
  • Cast iron cookware is made to last and can be past down through the generations.
  • It is a natural cookware which has withstood the test of time. It never warps or loses it's sturdiness, whatever heat source is used to prepare food.
  • Cooking technologies have not come up with a better design for all of the benefits of cast iron cookware.

The benefits of this type of cookware are the best choice for modern families. It is a healthy choice and a durable, and diverse way to cook. If you are looking to improve health or want flexibility in cooking, cast iron is the best choice.

The next time you cook, think about the benefits of cast iron and pull out that old pan or purchase a new one. Your health will improve, and your cooking will be easy.

Written by Cynthia Y. Haltom, Ph.D. of
Cynthia is an accomplished health educator and holds many degrees in health education, technology, psychology and life coaching. Her expertise has given her the ability to direct change in the behaviors of her students. She is always striving to improve