The Importance of Omega 3 Acids

Posted by Hippie Butter on 13th May 2013

The Importance of Omega 3 Acids

Omega-3 essential fatty acids are part of a group of essential fatty acids, (EFAs), that include, DHA, EPA, and ALA.

Products made from hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are good sources of Omega-3 EFAs and contain balanced contents of both DHA and EPA. Eating hemp seeds or taking hemp seed oil by mouth are the most beneficial and effective ways to incorporate the goodness of Omega-3 essential fatty acids into your diet.

DHA is essential for brain growth and development, a stronger immune system, and healthy functioning of the nervous system. EPA is beneficial in reducing inflammation throughout the body and boosting the immune system. ALA is a less direct source of Omega-3 EFAs and comes from plant-oils like hemp seeds; the body breaks down ALA into DHA and EPA to be used as needed.

All Omega-3 EFAs are important for general good health; the immune system is strengthened with adequate amounts of Omega-3 thus enabling the body to fight against diseases. It also reduces the risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

DHA is necessary for preventing depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions and has been shown to effectively treat Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorder. Hyperactivity in children and teenage depression may be linked to Omega-3 EFA deficiency. Pregnant and nursing women need Omega-3 for the healthy development of their children’s brains and nervous systems and to prevent miscarriages, birth anomalies and premature births. Seniors and convalescents need Omega-3 fatty acids to improve memory and reduce inflammatory conditions.

Omega-3 EFAs are necessary for general good health and people who have adequate levels of them seem to be happier with their lives. Omega-3 essential fatty acids should be added to your diet by eating hemp seeds regularly or by taking hemp seed oil by the mouth (1-3 tablespoons per day) or ingesting hemp seed food products.

The Importance of Omega 3 Acidsc