The Healthiest Hemp Chocolate Treats for Fall

Posted by Harmony on 4th Oct 2017

The Healthiest Hemp Chocolate Treats for Fall

The Healthiest Hemp Chocolate Treats for Fall

Do you love indulging in delicious fall treats, but worry about tucking into too much unhealthy food?

With a little planning, you can have the best of both worlds.

You don't need to stick to carrot sticks and kale to stay healthy, you just need to choose the right ingredients for your treats.

Hemp seeds have been found to have tons of health benefits. They can help digestion, reduce the risk of heart disease, help keep skin healthy, and they're a great source of protein.

To help you enjoy your favorite goodies without feeling guilty, we're sharing three of the healthiest hemp chocolate treats for fall.

Don't blame us if this article makes you hungry.

1. Pumpkin Chocolate Brownies

It's easy to add a health boost to chocolate brownies by using hemp chocolate and including some yummy seasonal pumpkin. Pumpkin is packed full of antioxidants and vitamins, so it does more than just look pretty.

Simply mix up a batch of your usual brownie mix, then combine canned pumpkin, eggs, cream, and pumpkin spice mix in a separate bowl.

Swirl the two mixtures together in your brownie pan to create an awesome marbled effect, then bake in the oven. Remove when a skewer inserted into the brownie comes out clean.

Not only are they healthy, but the bright burst of orange makes these brownies a standout at any fall event.

2. Healthy Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark is an awesome treat because it's so versatile -- you can basically add whatever you like.

Simply melt down your hemp chocolate, stir in nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and anything else you fancy, then pour into a lined tray and leave to set. Break into pieces to serve.

Not sure what to add to your bark?

Try these healthy suggestions:

  • Hemp seeds
  • Almonds
  • Dried cranberries
  • Pistachios
  • Dried banana
  • Rice Krispies
  • Flaked coconut

Try making a few different batches and mixing up your ingredients to find tasty new combos.

3. Chocolate Candy Apples

Feel like a treat with 'candy' in the name can't possibly be healthy? Think again.

Covering fresh fall apples in chocolate, then decorating with different healthy toppings is an awesome way to make fun, healthy treats for kids.

If you're preparing for Halloween, you could even design spooky faces and decorations for the outside of the apples.

Try sticking half a grape to the front of the apples to create one-eyed monsters, or using white chocolate to draw spooky ghost faces.

If you want to offer extra variety, coat individual apple slices in chocolate, then dip in nuts, seeds, fruit, and sprinkles.

How to Make Healthy Treats This Fall

Hemp seeds have loads of health benefits, taste great, and add a satisfying crunch to any chocolate treat you whip up.

You won't have to reinvent the wheel because most recipes that call for regular chocolate can be made just as easily using hemp chocolate.

Chocolate hemp treats make great gifts, are perfect for Halloween, and always compliment any fall festival.

Trying to find the balance between health and indulgence this fall?

Start stocking up on hemp chocolate today.