The Complete Beginners Guide to Hemp Skin Care

Posted by Hippie Butter on 19th Sep 2015

The Complete Beginners Guide to Hemp Skin Care

Natural is in, and this is as true for skin care as it is for the diet. The trouble is that natural does not necessarily mean good or healthy. 

We need to take a critical eye to all skin care assumptions we make on a daily basis, as the  health of our skin depends on it. By defining what we need from a product to help keep us glowing instead of itchy, we learn why hemp seed oil is the best source for skin care products around.

Why Hemp Seed Oil?

Everyone loses moisture on their skin, especially as the weather gets colder. The formal term for this is called “transepidermal water loss.” It might seem easy to just slap some lotion on our bodies and call it good, but it is just not that simple. 

Some products are better than others for reducing the rate of transepidermal water loss and decreasing the likelihood of eczema or atopic dermatitis. While plenty of people that it is perfectly OK to just slap on any kind of natural oil-based product, this is actually not true either. 

For example, a 2013 study showed that olive oil is one of the worst things you can apply directly to your skin. It damages healthy skin and aggravates itchy, dry skin. By comparison, you can use hemp seed oil to eliminate transepidermal water loss and protect your skin throughout the year.

Helps Psoriasis

Studies are currently being conducted on plants having cannabinoids, like hemp, as a treatment for psoriasis. The National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, as well as Skin Diseases explains that psoriasis happens when cells increase from below the surface area rapidly and also overdo the skin's surface area before they have an opportunity to grow. 

This can make the skin scaly, irritated and usually scratchy. There are lots of factors to turn to hemp to decrease the swelling: Hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory residential properties and also omega-3 fats. 

Earlier researches released in the U.S National Library of Medicine have actually hinted that topical use of omega-3 fats could activate renovation in patients with psoriasis, and this 2011 NCBI research study showed considerable enhancement in participants that were provided omega-3 fats as well as taking hemp seed oil orally. 

Using hemp seed butter, rich in omega-3 fats can have a calming impact on the inflamed skin.

Helps Acne Therapy

Acne-sufferers with dry skin can face a charming paradox: Heavy creams can clog our pores and/or leave us with oily skin that is just beggin' for a breakout, while acne treatments can simply dry us out. Hemp is abundant in both omega-6 and also omega-3 fatty acids which are vital to our skin's health and wellness. 

According to the Journal of Professional Investigation, the fatty acids presented in hemp can inhibit the lipid production in skin cells as well as prevent dry skin.

Helps Dry Hair

Speaking of omega fats, hemp seed oil produces an outstanding conditioner since it softens and also smoothes hair. According to hair specialists at Curly Nikki, the GLA in hemp can enhance the delicacy as well as wellness of hair

This is a particularly great conditioning agent for those with afro-textured hair since, GLA is a ceramide resource. According to StyleCaster, ceramides are lipid molecules that manage water loss from our skin by serving as a safety barrier on our skin. Researches have discovered that even more heavily pigmented skin consists of regarding half fewer ceramides, which can bring about a drier scalp and also hair.

Helps Eczema

Ultimately, we just need to layer on hemp seeds, inside and out, to protect our skin the best. Some evidence shows that eating hemp hearts regularly helps to minimize eczema because it increases the fatty acid profiles of our plasma. 

Score one for eating a snack that makes our skin feel better! The obvious follow-up to this dietary approach is the addition of hemp skin care products, such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion and body cream.

Some soap types can dry out skin more by robbing it of its necessary moisture. Products with hemp seed oil contribute to that natural barrier and keep skin looking healthy at any time.


Hemp skin care starts with the right diet, along with the right products for skin and hair. This introduction allows us to feel even better about our consumption of hemp seeds, for we know that they will help us with every aspect of our physical health.

As you might have noticed, hemp is certainly a compelled to be reckoned with and the globe of cosmetics are taking notice. With any luck, the hemp advocates on the front-line will certainly see to it that we continue to lift limitations in order to experience all the advantages of hemp.