The Complete Beginners Guide to Hemp Seed Butter

Posted by Hippie Butter on 15th Jul 2019

The Complete Beginners Guide to Hemp Seed Butter

Some people have found that peanut allergies are getting the best of them. Even if we are not allergic to peanuts, ourselves, the peanut allergy can be so severe that we avoid peanuts altogether. If we love peanut butter, what are we to do? The answer lies in the lovely hemp seed. Is there anything that hemp seeds cannot do? Well, they can't dance to “All About That Bass,” but they occupy a wonderful place in a healthy diet. And, by eating hemp butter, people get the texture in a sandwich they loved as kids, with all the good fats and easily-digestible protein they need.

Why Hemp Butter?

Is peanut butter passé. Often loaded with sugar, the peanut butter we buy at the store is just unnatural - emulsified with inferior fats to make a concoction designed to please children. And yet, there are so many other options. Almost any nut or seed can be made into butter. But, in today’s world, peanuts, tree-nuts and nut products are a little scary making seeds a better choice. With the ideal combination of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, hemp seeds are the healthy, delicious choice. Eat hemp seeds!

Making Hemp Seed Butter

The process of making hemp seed butter is fairly simple. The hemp seeds are either toasted or left green. They are processed with oil for several minutes to create the butter. Hemp seed oil is the healthiest selection for the tastiest butter that contains the most benefits of hemp seeds. If the intent is to make the hemp butter imitate natural peanut butter, salt and sweetener are added. The final result is chunky but creamy, with a delightful crunch and a smooth flavor.

Hemp Seed Butter Variety

One nice thing about hemp seed butter is that it opens the door for wondrous variety. Let’s say we want to put hemp butter on a banana or on a sandwich with honey. Could we do chocolate? Yes, we can! Mixing hemp seed butter with raw cacao or other natural flavors creates a new world of tasty butters that surprise as much as they delight those who take the opportunity to taste them.


Goodbye, peanuts! There’s a new seed in town. Hemp seed butter promises to banish the banal and promote the phenomenal, with a taste that is hard to beat.

FYI, here are my 10 favorite ways to use Hemp Seed Butter.

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