The Amazing Benefits of Using Hemp Oil for Acne

Posted by Harmony on 19th Jul 2017

The Amazing Benefits of Using Hemp Oil for Acne

Are you struggling with acne?

Skin problems can be a big knock to your self-esteem, as well as causing pain and discomfort.

If acne's an ongoing issue for you, you might feel like you've tried absolutely everything. Fancy creams. Expensive treatments. The latest diet fads.

It's frustrating when you feel like nothing is working.

But have you tried hemp oil?

This natural product is rapidly gaining in popularity, and many people have seen huge improvements in their skin after using it.

Hemp oil can be taken orally, or used directly on the skin like a moisturizer - or both!


Read on for all the details of the amazing benefits you could see while using hemp oil for acne.

Your Pores Will Stay Clear

How often do you use a product, then notice your pores are clogged for days?

Hemp oil has a comedogenic rating of 0, which is the best rating an oil can have - it means the product won't clog your pores at all.

Oils with ratings between 1 and 4, like coconut oil and avocado oil, are much more likely to cause build up and blocked pores, which could worsen your acne.

On top of its low comedogenic rating, hemp oil contains a mild natural acid which helps break down sebum. Sebum is a natural substance that's meant to lubricate the skin but can harden and lead to clogged pores and blackheads.

Keeping sebum production under control can make a big difference to your skin and is one of the main reasons many people use hemp oil for acne.

Moisturizing Won't Cause Issues

So many moisturizers can worsen skin condition each time you use them - but not hemp oil.

The oil penetrates skin cells to create deep, lasting moisture, without any clogged pores or stickiness.

Using hemp oil as a moisturizer is simple. Just wash your face, dispense a small amount of oil into your hands, and rub in gently.

This moisturizes your face without exposing it to any harsh chemicals or unnatural scents, making it much less likely to become irritated and acne-prone.

Use hemp oil in place of your regular moisturizer for a few days and you'll notice:

  • Softer skin
  • Less redness and irritation
  • Less inflammation
  • More consistent skin tone

Makeup Can Be Removed Gently

Many of us wear makeup to cover our acne - it's only natural to want to boost your self-confidence by covering up problem areas.

Unfortunately, when it comes to removing makeup, harsh cleaners, wipes, and lotions can irritate the skin, leading to breakouts and irritation. Luckily, hemp oil works as a safe, effective makeup remover without any added nasties.

Simply apply the oil to your face, let it sit for around 30 seconds, then wipe off gently.

The oil binds to the makeup particles, lifting them away from your skin easily. And yes - it even works on waterproof cosmetics.

Should You Try Hemp Oil for Acne?

If you're sick and tired of using expensive, unnatural products and seeing no change to your acne, hemp seed oil is definitely worth a try.

I recommend using hemp oil in place of your normal products for a few weeks, and monitoring the condition of your skin closely - you might be amazed by the results.