What Are Hemp Seeds as Well as What Are They Good For

Posted by Brad on 18th Nov 2018

Hemp seeds are the seed of the Cannabis Sativa plant which, when expanded for seed or fiber as well as with reduced THC, is understood as hemp. Individuals consume hemp seed for its healthy protein, e … read more

Incorporating Hemp Seeds Into Your Daily Nutrient Regimen

Posted by Gary on 16th Jul 2018

Historically, hemp seed and its oil derivative have been used by a range of civilizations as an all-purpose tool for practicing preventative, holistic medicine. Contrary to its iconic leafy green logo … read more

Hemp Hearts: The Superfood That Will Blow Your Mind!

Posted by Mellow Mel on 23rd May 2018

Have you heard murmurings among your friends about the "new" hip superfood, Hemp Hearts? What are they? Are they the same thing as Hulled Hemp Seeds? And, for that matter, what exactly … read more

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Hemp Hearts

Posted by Guest Post on 16th May 2018

Hemp Hearts have been nicknamed the gift of nature for good reasons. The versatile hemp seed is one of the most incredibly nutritious seeds in the world. It’s use dates back to our early ancesto … read more

Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds: Your Ultimate Guide

Posted by Mellow Mel on 2nd May 2018

There are so many seeds out there today that boost superfood status. But none of them taste as good or pack as big of a punch as hemp seeds do. When we hear the word "hemp" often times … read more