Suavecito Pomade for Hair Styling Hold and Shine

Posted by Ghost Writer on 17th May 2015

Suavecito Pomade for Hair Styling Hold and Shine

Suavecito pomade came out into the scene about five years ago hailing from Santa Ana, California. It is a very popular if not the most popular pomade used overall. It is used and recommended by many barbers and commonly referred to as one of the best grooming products for men out there.

Three of their more popular pomades include Suavecito Firm Hold pomade, the original regular hold, and the Suavecita pomade for women. This is a water based pomade as opposed to the traditional oil based pomades. If you are tired of your hair staying greasy from wearing the oil based pomades, then you’ll appreciate this product. It is very easy to wash off after using it all day long.

Suavecito Pomade Description

As soon as you open the container, the smell of Suavecito is actually very good sort of resembling the smell of soap. It's a dark brown color resembling the color of Coca Cola. The texture is also quite unique compared to other water based pomades. Once you dig in your finger and grab a little, it ripples unlike a traditional gel which stays in tact like how toothpaste stays in its form. This is why we consider this to be a great grooming product.

Hold and Shine

Since Suavecito is water based, it is very easy to run it through your hair. You can comb it throughout the day and unless you’re exposed to rain or you’re in a water gun fight, then there isn’t much to worry. It holds pretty strong especially if you’re using the Firm Hold pomade. The original pomade has good hold as well but if you have longer hair or curly hair that you force into a certain style, then the Firm Hold is more recommended for your case.

Ingredients List

  • Water, Ceteareth-25
  • Glycerin, Peg-7 Glyceryl Cocoate
  • Peg 40 Hydrogentated Castor Oil
  • Fragrance (Parfum)
  • Dmdm Hydantoin Caramel
  • Simethicone
  • Pvp
  • Peg-8 Beeswax
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Polysorbate 20

Where Can I Buy Suavecito Pomade?:

You can purchase Suavecito pomade almost anywhere for about $12 dollars or so. This is a pomade that you can find at many barber shops especially those who seem to have the Rockabilly theme to their salon.

Any regular barber shop might not have this product so readily. It's kind of difficult to find at major stores or super markets. Your best bet is to go to a salon or barber shop that specializes in the greaser/rockabilly look or just going online and purchasing it that way. You can’t wait a week? A week of shipping and handling will pass by in a breeze.

If you must buy another pomade while you wait, you can find stuff like Royal Crown and Murray’s pretty easily but those ain’t no Suavecito brother!


Suavecito Pomade for Hair Styling Hold and Shine

Written by Marvin Arciniega of
Pomade enthusiast