Romantic Date Night Ideas For Hemp-Loving Couples

Posted by Brad on 8th Oct 2020

Romantic Date Night Ideas For Hemp-Loving Couples

Do you remember the last time you went on a date with your significant other? If it’s been a while since you’ve wined and dined your partner, listen up: research shows that regular date nights can help you stay together as it reminds you why you fell for each other in the first place. According to a study which involved 10,000 couples who were monitored for 10 years, the couples who had date nights at least once a month had a higher chance of staying together than those who hardly ever went on dates with their loved one. If both of you need some quality time together, why not plan a date night when you can pamper each other with some hemp-based treats? Chill out, have fun, and consider these romantic date night ideas.

Have a hemp bath together

Giving each other presents that signify your love, such as matching jewelry, clothing or bathrobes can be a good way to create a common ground between the two of you and establish your status as a couple. Moreover, sharing the same bath and grooming products, such as a lotion, soap or a shampoo, can make you feel closer to one another. So why not use these items and plan a romantic couple's bath for your date night? First, take a shower together and use hemp soap to gently clean your skin; then run the bath. Use a hemp bath bomb or add a bit of hemp seed oil to your bath water, then spend a few minutes relaxing in the tub with your loved one. Don’t forget to light a scented CBD candle and place that somewhere near the tub to heighten the romantic vibe of your bath, and feed each other squares of hemp chocolate to sweeten the experience.

Give each other a massage

Touch can communicate your love and affection towards one another, so give each other a full body massage as a date night treat. Use CBD oil, hemp seed lotion or body butter during the massage, and make sure that the product gets fully absorbed into the skin while you massage your partner. Using hemp skin products during a massage can help to relieve stress and anxiety, enabling you and your loved one to get into the right frame of mind for intimacy later on.

Have a picnic indoors

Going on a picnic is a great way to spend time with your loved one, but if the weather isn’t right for it, plan on having a picnic indoors. Create a fort or a teepee in your living room using a few bed sheets, a rug and some cushions, then decorate it with battery operated tea lights or a string of fairy lights. Create a playlist of your favorite music, and use a Bluetooth speaker so both of you can enjoy listening to it. Feast on crostini topped with a smear of Hemp Seed Butter, then for something a little more filling, share a gourmet pizza or a rice dish topped with veggies or meat. For dessert, have some strawberries dipped in chocolate or ice cream. Serve these foods with a bottle of wine, and enjoy talking and just being with each other in your hideaway.


Love takes effort to grow, so take the time to plan a romantic date night with your loved one. Consider these ideas to create a dreamy date, and have fun while bonding and pampering each other.