​On the Trail with Hippie Butter!

Posted by Hippie Butter on 21st Oct 2015

​On the Trail with Hippie Butter!

        On the Trail with Hippie Butter!

      Take Your Favorite Hippies & Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Foods for a Hike

          1.  Eat a Hemp Seed Granola Breakfast to Energize Your Hike
          Click on the link below to watch our “How to Make Hemp Seed Granola” video.

          2.  Pack Your Hippie Butter Backpack – Don't Forget H2O and Sunscreen!
          Click on our link to read about Hippie Butter's reusable, recyclable backpacks.

          3.  Rest Stop - Snack on Hulled Hemp Seeds
          Hulled Hemp Seeds taste similar to sunflower seeds and pine nuts. Snack on
          them straight out of the bag. Find out more about Hulled Hemp Seeds at our link, http://www.hippiebutter.com/hulled-hemp-seeds/

          4.  Say Howdy to Your Hiking Destination!
          Breathe deeply, soak in the natural beauty that makes your hike completely worthwhile.
          Take a photo but concentrate on making a memory.

          5.  Lunch – Hemp Seed Butter Sandwich
          Click on the link below to find our Hemp Seed Butter

          Hemp Seed Butter Sandwich Ingredients:

          • 2 tbsp Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Butter
          • 2 slices of cinnamon raisin bread (sprouted Ezekiel brand is best)
          • 1 banana
          • small handful of pumpkin seeds
          • dash of cinnamon
          • small dollop of honey

            Liberally spread the Hemp Seed Butter on 2 pieces of bread. Cut the banana into slices and stack in rows on one piece of bread to cover the Hemp Seed Butter. Then sprinkle pumpkin seeds, add a dash of cinnamon, and squeeze a small dollop of honey on top of it all. Place both pieces of bread together and enjoy!

          6.  Drink a Hemp Protein Powder Shake for Return Hike
          Sip on this "Protein Dream Smoothie" on your way back to the trail head.
          Hemp Seed Protein Powder, strawberries and almonds take center stage -
          while a couple of dates add a rich sweetness, plus fiber, antioxidants, and minerals.

            Recipe for our Protein Dream Smoothie

          • 1 cup frozen organic strawberries
          • 2 dates
          • ¼ cup almonds
          • ½ cup almond milk, hemp seed milk or organic low fat milk
          • 2 Tbsp Hemp Seed Protein Powder. Click on link below for Protein Powder

            Blend ingredients, pour into thermos to keep it cool, and enjoy during your return hike home.

          7.  Home - Bathe with Hemp Oil Bath Soap.
          Soak in a hot bath to relax your tired muscles and re-hydrate your skin with our luxurious Hemp Oil Bath Soap and Skin Care products. Click on link to see our Hemp Skin Care products. http://www.hippiebutter.com/hemp-seed-skin-care-b...

          Hippie Butter Hemp Seed products are delicious, nutritious and provide an excellent source of easily-digestible protein that's good for the whole family - moms and dads, kids, athletes, convalescents and seniors! Hemp seeds also contain the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids, 10 amino acids, vitamins and minerals. A diet rich in Hemp Seeds can help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system