Manscape with Hemp Skin Care Products

Posted by Hippie Butter on 25th Dec 2014

Manscape with Hemp Skin Care Products

Manscape with Hemp Skin Care Products

Ah, body hair. If men do not have enough, they look boyish and are sometimes not taken credibly. But, if they have too much, they risk looking like they came straight from the 1970s. Or from Middle Earth, for that matter. The fact is that body hair is no excuse for not looking one’s best. Tufty, long, thick or thin, we need to shave it, trim it and keep it in line. And, hemp skin care products provide an excellent opportunity to get the perfect manscape.

Why Go Natural?

There is a difficult balance to achieve these days between natural and artificial. If we look at a bottle of standard soap or lotion, we find all kinds of horrible things. Sodium lauryl sulfate? Parabens? BPA? What do we do with these cancer-causing disasters-in-waiting? Why, we try to find natural alternatives. But, do not just go slapping on any kind of oil from the kitchen. Even extra virgin olive oil has the potential to aggravate skin conditions such as eczema when applied topically. No, the choice ought to be something that has the right balance of fats without potential irritants. As it turns out, hemp seed oil is a fantastic selection.

Hemp Skin Care For Shaving

Which brings us back to the manscape. Oh, sure, we can use any old thing for shaving. But, some soaps dry out the skin, which is already prone to dehydration by the act of shaving. Thankfully, hemp seed oil does not contribute to dryness. When the seeds are pressed, the oil they release works wonderfully as a natural moisturizer. And, even better, the oil is not particularly greasy. Some people want to have that “just oiled bodybuilder” look. But, shiny skin appears odd outside of the beach or gym. Lather up with some hemp seed bath soap, finish off with a hemp oil moisturizing lotion and enjoy the results.

Free Shipping on Hemp Skin Care Products

Is that Bigfoot? No, just a poor guy in sore need of a manscapingHemp skin care is more than just a fussy bath product for women. It is an approach to cleanliness that says “No!” to cancer-causing chemicals, while admitting that it is nice to have a line of skin care products that clean and moisturize, without feeling slimy.