Love To Swim? Here’s How You Can Keep Your Skin Healthy By Using Hemp

Posted by Jackie on 15th Apr 2020

Love To Swim? Here’s How You Can Keep Your Skin Healthy By Using Hemp

Swimming is a fantastic workout that combines cardio with muscle building, and it’s a great way to lose weight as you can easily burn as many as 450 calories every time you hit the pool. Moreover, this type of exercise can benefit everyone from the very young to the young at heart, as it’s gentle on the joints so working out becomes a painless activity even for those with injuries or arthritis. But while swimming can keep you fit, this type of workout may be a bit tough on your skin as regularly doing laps in salt or chlorinated water can dry out your epidermis. What’s more, it may even result in rashes and other skin conditions. To keep your skin looking its best while and after swimming, you’ll need to protect it from the sun and nourish it with a hemp-based skincare product. Hemp seed is known to be incredibly beneficial for the skin as it has healing and moisturizing properties. If you love to swim, here’s how you can keep your skin healthy by using hemp seed.

Use Hemp Seed Oil to Protect Your Skin Before Swimming

Swimming is a fun and easy way to keep up with your fitness routine while on a holiday. You can do laps in a hotel pool in the heart of a busy city, in the blue waters of a tropical beach, or both if you're staying at a resort. Living in your bikini and switching from sunbathing to swimming in the pool and the ocean is one of the pleasures of a tropical holiday, but the combination of sun, chlorine and salt water can be drying on the skin. This is why it's essential to protect your skin before going for a swim. Before putting on a layer of sunscreen, smooth on a bit of hemp seed oil all over your face and body to protect your skin from excessive dryness. Apart from keeping your skin hydrated while you’re out in the sun and water, hemp seed oil also forms a protective barrier to keep toxins and allergens from irritating your skin, so your skin stays smooth and healthy while you swim.

Moisturize with Hemp Seed Lotion or Oil After Swimming

After your workout, you’ll need to take a shower immediately to rinse off the salt or chlorinated water from your hair and body. Right after your shower, massage a generous amount of hemp seed lotion or oil onto your skin, taking care to pay extra attention to body parts that are the most prone to dryness, such as your elbows and knees. Doing so promotes healthy blood circulation and will give your skin a nice glow. Don’t forget to use some on your cuticles, and tap about a quarter of a teaspoon of hemp seed oil onto your face. If you’re worried about it causing acne flare ups, you can rest easy, as hemp seed has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm the skin and reduce acne problems.

Don’t Forget Your Hair and Scalp

Your hair and scalp also needs some TLC before and after swimming. Saturate your strands with some hemp seed oil before swimming to protect it from getting dry and frizzy. Dab some onto your scalp too to prevent itching and flaking. After swimming, shampoo and condition your hair, then once your hair is about 65 percent dry, rub a bit of hemp seed oil between your palms and rake your fingers through your hair. Your hair will look healthier in an instant, and the oil will give it a bit of shine without being greasy.


Whether you’re swimming in a pool or doing laps in the sea, make sure to protect your skin from the elements with an all-natural product like hemp seed oil or lotion. Your skin will be beautifully protected and moisturized as you workout in the water for your health and well-being.