Learn How Hemp Seed Oil Can Help Relieve Eczema Symptoms

Posted by Hippie Butter on 8th Nov 2016

Learn How Hemp Seed Oil Can Help Eczema and Your Skin

Hemp Seed Oil is Great for your Body from the Inside Out!

Nearly 31 million Americans suffer from eczema-related symptoms. Those embarrassing patches of rough, reddened, intensely itchy skin can keep eczema sufferers from enjoying their lives, and for a parent, it’s difficult to watch your children suffer. 

Surprisingly, the exact cause of eczema is still a mystery to doctors. However, they have identified the nutritional benefits that all-natural hemp seed oil products contain, which can help relieve the miserable symptoms of eczema, psoriasis, and itchy skin.

If you have eczema, your skin may not produce as many fats and oils, and will be less able to retain water allowing the skin's protective barrier to fail. Damaged epidermal layers easily admit bacteria and irritants to pass through causing skin to quickly become irritated, cracked, and inflamed.

Why is Hemp Seed Oil So Important for Skin Care?

Hemp seed oil is considered a "super-food" that instantly supplies super-nutrition or super-fuel to the cells of your body. Each cell carries an electrical charge; the healthier the cell, the more powerful the electrical charge, and the healthier and stronger your body will be to fight against infection, decrease inflammation, and heal from the cellular level.

The Essential Fatty Acid (EFA), Linoleic acid, found in hemp seed oil, and its metabolite, Gamma-Linolenic Acid, (GLA), have been proven to be the most effective therapies in restoring and repairing damaged skin. Hemp seed oil contains 60% Linoleic EFAs and 40% Linolenic GLAs. The profile of the EFAs found in hemp seed oil closely resembles the skin's natural lipids, thus neutralizing the effects of dehydration.

In 2005, dermatologist, Dr. J. Callaway, published a Finnish study in the Journal of Dermatological Treatment documenting the treatment of Eczema using hemp seed oil. 

Dr. Callaway found that symptoms of skin dryness and itching significantly improved in patients suffering from Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) after using hemp seed oil for 20 weeks. He stated, “We saw a remarkable reduction in dryness, itching, and an overall improvement in symptoms.”

How to Treat Skin Aliments from the Inside

Incorporating hemp seed oil in your diet is vital in creating a hormonal balance that will enable the body to fight most disorders including eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.  A diet rich in hemp seed oil is effective in expelling toxins and waste products, crucial in healing epidermal skin ailments.

Hemp Seed Oil is a natural, cold-pressed unrefined hemp seed oil - hand-crafted in small batches to preserve the nutritional properties and qualities of nature’s most unsaturated oil. The "superfood" hemp seeds in Hippie Butter's Hemp Seed Food Oil provide the most easily-digestible protein of any plant source and are good for the whole family: mothers, kids, athletes, convalescents and seniors. Hemp seed oil contains the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 EFAs.

With a taste similar to sunflower seeds and pine nuts, hemp seed oil is a delicate, hemp-green, nutty-flavored oil that can be used in a wide range of recipes from sauces, dips, spreads, marinades and salad dressings; perfect for brochette bread and a great alternative to extra virgin olive oil.

Recommended use: Take one to two tablespoons of hemp seed oil by mouth, everyday.

How to Treat Skin Aliments from the Outside

Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Moisturizing Cream contains EFAs, GLAs, and is loaded with added vitamins A, D3, and E to help prevent premature aging due to harmful environmental conditions and provides nourishing moisture to dry, chapped or sensitive akin.

Hippie Butter's Hemp Seed Oil-Enriched Moisturizing Cream is hypo-allergenic, and specially formulated with hemp seed oil, evening primrose and borage oils. Naturally rich in EFAs, our hemp seed moisturizing cream is rich and creamy, yet absorbs quickly without a greasy feeling from left-over oil residue.

Recommended use: Apply a generous amount of hemp seed oil moisturizer to affected skin, one to two times a day.

Watch Out For Eczema Irritants

Food, alcohol, dairy, wheat products, citrus fruits, eggs, nuts, seafood, chemical food additives, preservatives, and food colorings may increase the chance of eczema.

Hemp Is Safe For Children

Kids with eczema usually develop itchy, dry, red skin and small bumps on their cheeks, forehead, or scalp. Hemp seed oil will help relieve the itch associated with eczema. Giving them more confidence to live their daily lives and become successful adults.


Hippie Butter Hemp Seed quality products are non-GMO, hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free!