Important Message From Our Chief Hemp Officer

Posted by Hippie Butter on 19th Oct 2016

Important Message From Our Chief Hemp Officer

THANK YOU, for supporting Hippie Butter - our small, Mom & Pop, gourmet hemp store! Your social media participation, shout-outs, likes, shares, photos, and tweets are helping Hippie Butter grow faster than we could have anticipated. It's not easy being an independent specialty hemp grocer and competing against the giant, international hemp conglomerates, but you, our loyal customer and friend, have made it possible for us to keep reaching for our Hemp Seed Dreams.

So what is our Hemp Seed Dream come true? We are delighted to announce that Hippie Butter, L.L.C. is the first American hemp grocer to sell Colorado-grown hulled hemp seeds! It's been more than 79 years since industrial hemp crops were banned, prohibited, and maligned with lies. Finally, truth about the incredible goodness of agricultural hemp for people, and the planet pushed away the lies. Now our healthy, delicious Colorado-grown hulled hemp seeds are flying off our store shelves.

Because of this domestic hemp seed demand, we are partnering with American and Canadian hemp farmers to step-up our processing, production, and shipping to bring even fresher, more delicious hemp seed products to our customers at lower prices! American hemp grown by American farmers, processed by American workers for American consumers. All because you supported our small business. Thank you!

Hippie Butter has more US-grown hemp products planned for the beginning of 2017.

CLICK HERE to check out our current, delicious hemp seed foods, and luxurious body care products for sale!

Hippie Butter's newest superfood products are our Hemp Seed Bars. They're "Mom approved," perfect meal-replacement bars that taste like brownies, satisfy your appetite, and give you hours of energy for work and play. No sugar rush or crash - just great nutrition and sustained energy.

Back in stock! Hemp Seed Food Oil and Canadian Hulled Hemp Seeds will return November 1st. Pre-order now and enjoy the groovy pre-sale prices.

Are you already stressing about what you'll give to friends and family for the upcoming Holidays? Don't stress, give the gift of health and happiness with hemp! We have many Hemp Gift Sets that will delight your loved ones, and save you money and time. Can you say, "Hempy Holidays?" We thought you could.

Our shipping rules have changed a little. Shipping is now $6 per order. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40. Orders over $50 get a Free Hippie Butter backpack! No coupon codes needed - Our new, single-page shopping cart will handle all the details.

You can now use Apple Pay for your order, as well as, Paypal and credit cards. Look for our products on your favorite websites like,, and You can now find us almost everywhere

Thank you for your continued business.
Make it a Hippie Day! -- Brad & Mellow Mel