How to Send Hemp Gifts in Time for the Holidays

Posted by Hippie Butter on 29th Oct 2015

How to Send Hemp Gifts in Time for the Holidays

Holidays Sneaking Up? These Hemp Gifts Take the Shopping Stress Away

Once the Halloween decorations have been packed away, terror strikes. Are the holidays really that soon? Then we get lulled into a false sense of security by the thought that Thanksgiving is still on the way. Surely we can get it together after Thanksgiving, even if we have no intention of braving the mad crowds on Black Friday. That’s the problem. By the time Black Friday rears its materialistic Medusa’s head, we might as well be turned to stone for all the good holiday shopping is going to do. These hemp gifts aren’t going to buy and deliver themselves, after all. It is better to start planning holiday shopping now, so that it all arrives long before the Wassailing starts.

Hemp Gifts for the Budding Chef

Hippie Chef Gift Set

Got a chef who has a hankering for the green? The Hippie Chef Gift Set is perfect. It is a triple-threat of food items that are great for anyone who is more than tired of using almonds (who isn’t?!) and also for people who just want to branch out a bit. Hulled hemp seeds make a great snack, but they also work well in smoothies, salads, even muffins and cookies. Hemp seed flour is amazing for people trying to cut back on grains, especially those trying to balance being Paleo and Vegan. Plenty of fat and protein, plus a smooth texture. The last in the trio is the luscious hemp seed oil. This oil acts as an excellent base for a rich salad dressing, and is also good for baking. We like to rub a bit on our hands as well while we work in the kitchen, to keep our skin baby-smooth even in the dead of winter.

Hemp Seed Skin Care

Hemp Spa Gift Set

We all have that person in our lives who does so much for us and asks for nothing in return. They really deserve something special. What do we do when we can’t decide what to buy? Why, we get a little of everything. That is what the Hemp Spa Gift Set was designed to do. From soap to shampoo, lotion to massage oil, this set has everything that someone needs to feel like they’ve spent a day at the spa, without ever leaving the house.

The holidays are coming, and that means that shoppers have to get going to make sure everything arrives on time. To ensure that gifts get there with plenty of time to spare, it is best to order them at least two weeks in advance, preferably longer. No one likes to open up a receipt on the big day.

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