How Do Hemp Seeds Help with Weight Loss

Posted by Hippie Butter on 11th May 2015

How Do Hemp Seeds Help with Weight Loss

How Do Hemp Seeds Help with Weight Loss

The horror. The abject, absolute horror of another diet. What will it be this week–sriracha lemonade cleanses? There has got to be a better way. As it turns out, there is, in the form of hemp seeds. With these little seeds, people can grow a weight loss plan that will help them stay satisfied, with the variety they need to stick to their diets now and in the future.


It is the height of diet season, and people are hangry. They have been stuffing themselves with produce to no avail, for lettuce has few calories and will not keep them going for too long. They need fat, and probably a lot more than they think they do. That is where hemp seeds come in. One tablespoon is loaded with good unsaturated fats and lots of protein. It is that combination that helps people stay fuller longer, so they are less likely to belly up to the dessert bar for that second helping.


The biggest thing a lot of people complain about when they start a new diet is the lack of variety. Eat some almonds, and then some kale. Sip at a kale-almond smoothie. Are you tired of that diet yet? We sure are. That is why we suggest adding a tablespoon of  hemp seeds to any salad or smoothie. We love to put it in almost anything we would add nuts to. With the satisfying crunch and the protein-packed nature of hemp seeds, we get the variety that can help us stick to the diet for the long run.

Long-Term Results

When it comes to weight loss, the proof is in the  hemp seed pudding. Those who find a natural way to lose weight are more likely to keep it off in the years to come. And that makes hemp seeds a big winner, because they are a healthy part of a diet that can become a lifestyle. Fitness buffs who love to go to the gym will see real results in the muscle department with just a tablespoon of hemp seeds a couple of times a day. People can only take weight loss supplements and do cleanses so often. Legit nutrition is forever.

We do not want people to have to suffer the horrors of a boring diet. This season, weight loss comes easily and deliciously, with  hemp seeds on top.