Home Fining Dining Ideas Using Hemp

Posted by Buck H. on 12th May 2021

Over the past year, 55% of Americans have been eating at home more than they would have done in previous years. It’s not just home cooked, family-style food though: there has been a big trend in re-creating the restaurant and fine dining experience at home. You can order meal-delivery kits created by top chefs for all dietary preferences, from vegan to slow-cooked barbecue. Many restaurants are also giving away their recipe secrets so that you can have a go at recreating your favorite meals at home. When you’re cooking, it is easy to include hemp in your fine dining experience as a seasoning or a tasty ingredient. Then you can get all the benefits of hemp whilst eating a special meal.

Salad entrée

A delicious, fresh salad made from healthy ingredients is always a great start to a meal. You can really elevate a salad to fine dining level by using top-quality, seasonal produce. If you're looking for inspiration, try a meal kit with healthy ingredients that uses eco-friendly products and packaging: many meal delivery companies are now prioritizing sustainability. There are plenty of organic, vegan and vegetarian options, such as Freshly, which doesn’t require any cooking, and Purple Carrot, which is plant-based. For your salad entrée, try experimenting with different textures. Pickle some beetroot slices or daikon radish to give your salad acidity. Crush some hemp seeds to sprinkle over the top, or use a hemp parmesan shaker for an added zing of flavor.

Steak main course

For a main course, a classic steak dinner is always popular. If you're vegan or vegetarian, you can easily swap the protein for a beautifully charred cauliflower steak, pan-roasted or cooked over a flame. If you are making a jus or gravy, then try adding a few drops of hemp oil - it will add an earthiness to your sauce to counterbalance the steak. You could even make some delicate dumplings from hemp flour to soak up your gravy. A delicious hemp oil mayonnaise is another great idea for your meal, and will taste delicious with some shoestring fries on the side.

Delicious desserts

Nothing is better at the end of a fine dining experience than a delicious dessert with a hemp twist. You could make a simple New York vanilla cheesecake, but include hemp butter in the graham cracker base. This will pair well with a sharp raspberry coulis and some fresh cream. A melt-in-the middle chocolate fondant using vegan hemp chocolate is another great idea. The chocolate fondant is always a crowd-pleaser, and it's simple to master. You can accompany your fondant with a hemp seed tuile made from caramel. If you are feeding the family, try making a bread and butter hemp seed pudding using hemp flour to make your bread or croissant element. This is delicious served with a sprinkle of hemp granola.


If you're having a fine dining experience at home, you can use hemp in every course. It will give your dishes a delicious taste and texture that you will want to replicate for every special occasion.