Here’s How Hemp Seed Can Heal Your Skin After Getting A Tattoo

Posted by Buck H. on 28th Feb 2020

Here’s How Hemp Seed Can Heal Your Skin After Getting A Tattoo

Getting a tattoo has become part of mainstream culture, with more than a quarter of all American adults having at least one tattoo. Apart from choosing the right design and placement, tattoo aftercare has also become a hot topic among body art enthusiasts all over the world. Now, numerous cosmetic and skincare companies have created tattoo lotions and creams to speed up skin healing after getting inked. But if you’re looking for a more natural alternative, you may want to use a product that contains hemp seed, such as a hemp seed oil or lotion, to soothe your skin after getting permanently inked. Hemp is known to be beneficial for the skin, so if you’re planning to get a tattoo, find out how hemp seed can work to heal your skin after getting inked.

Hemp seed can soothe pain and itching

Those who have gotten inked know that tattoos come with a fair amount of pain during and after the whole procedure. While some barely feel anything at all during the healing process, others may feel some slight stinging, itching, or tingling in the tattooed area a few hours after getting inked. Some people wait it out to see if the uncomfortable feeling will go away on its own, but if you want a natural way to relieve the pain and itch, consider including hemp seed oil in your tattoo aftercare routine.

Current research indicates that hemp oil is a natural pain treatment, which is why some people choose to ingest it instead of taking over the counter pain medication. Try smoothing on a thin layer of hemp seed oil over your new tattoo, and remember not to scratch the tattooed area. Also, never pick at the scabs, as it may result in delayed healing or lost color.

It may help to speed up healing

A tattoo typically takes anywhere from two to three weeks to heal, and you’ll know that it’s healed once all the scabs have fallen off. It may take a bit of time and patience before you can fully appreciate your tattoo’s color and design, but if you want to speed things up a bit, then apply a little hemp seed oil or lotion to facilitate healing. A study has found that using hemp lotion can be beneficial for repairing wounds as it accelerates the healing process. Remember to apply the product everyday, and make sure to clean the tattooed area with soap and water before putting on hemp seed oil or lotion.

It can keep your tattoo looking its best

One of the main concerns of tattoo enthusiasts is fading, and it’s usually a result of  overexposure to the sun. To keep your tattoo looking its best, keep it out of direct sunlight, and apply sunscreen on the tattooed area if you’ll be spending some time outdoors. You should also make it a habit to moisturize the area daily so that colors and designs will stay vivid for a long time. A hemp seed oil or lotion can keep your tattoo well-hydrated, so make sure to use it after every shower.


Using skincare products that contain hemp seed can be a beneficial part of your tattoo aftercare routine. Make sure to apply a  hemp seed massage oil or lotion to the tattooed area regularly to keep your tattoo vibrant for years to come. 

Don't forget the many benefits of using  hemp soap everyday. Not only will hemp soap help your tattoo last longer but it also treats a variety of skin conditions, including - eczema, psoriasis, and acne, to mention a few.