Hemp Seeds: Rocking the Post-Workout Snack World

Posted by Hippie Butter on 25th May 2016

Hemp Seeds: Rocking the Post-Workout Snack World, One Tablespoon at a Time

Picture it: the “workout food” section of the grocery store. So many labels, so many unlikely promises. Even the section at Whole Foods looks a little suspect. It’s like they expect us to believe that we will eat this protein shake or bar and suddenly be like Lance Armstrong, without all the doping. The truth is that your diet post-workout does not have to be fancy, and it certainly does not have to come in a brightly-colored container. Hemp protein is ideal to recover from a workout, with greater strength and muscle for the next round. Plus there are only 4 four supplements we recommend for post-workout. 

How Do I Encourage Muscle Protein Synthesis? 

The trick to improve output in any exercise regimen is to increase muscle. Muscle burns calories more efficiently, plus it gives us the strength you need to power through a harder workout. The process is muscle protein synthesis. In short, we need to eat protein throughout the day and especially post-workout to improve our overall MPS. However, we have to select the right kind of protein for the job. In this case, it’s leucine, an amino acid that is particularly effective at MPS. Do you have to eat a boatload of it for it to work? No. Experts claim that 3-4 grams in a meal is enough, no more frequently than every 4-6 hours. For you, meat eaters out there, read this article

Hemp Seeds and MPS 

Given that we don’t need a ton of leucine, it is not particularly necessary to go totally carnivore to get leucine into a diet most efficiently. Plenty of plant-based foods contain leucine in moderate quantities, especially hemp seeds. In fact, hemp protein has so much going for it, it’s nuts (actually, better than nuts). Think about it: 0.84 g of leucine in one serving of hemp seeds, accompanying other proteins, a nice boost of saturated fats and fiber for satiety. The best part? No sweeteners, especially not the artificial kind. Pack it in the car or a duffel bag and it is ready to go, anytime. A small snack with hemp seeds and maybe something else with some good carbs and we are set for hours, craving-free. 


Workout season is upon us, but muscle building requires a little consideration. With hemp seeds, it is easy to recover after exercise, knowing that MPS is in hand and we won’t be reaching for the junk food to maintain energy. It is the ideal combination for increased strength and stamina, all day long.