Hemp Seeds Help You Cram for the Exam

Posted by Hippie Butter on 2nd Apr 2016

Hemp Seeds Help You Cram for the Exam

Exams are coming. Term papers are queuing up. What do we do? Anyone who has ever had a bad night of studying or homework knows that you can have good days and bad days. Our diet makes a big difference in our ability to comprehend what we read and remember it the next day. With the unique fat combinations and protein from hemp seeds, we are in it to win it.

Hemp Seeds for Optimal Brain Health

Most brain development happens when children are very young, but the brain requires fat to function at peak levels. Specifically, the fatty acids called alpha linoleic acid and linoleic acid are known to be ideal for brain and nerve tissue development. Where can we get both? Hemp seeds, of course. The nut of the hemp plant contains plenty of both. This means that a healthy serving of hemp seeds every day ensures that our brains are ready to study hard and retain information.

Fuel for All-Night Study Sessions

It is really tempting to grab a donut, bagel or other kinds of refined carbs for a night of studying before a big exam. However, this is not the kind of fuel that our bodies need to give us energy. The trouble with processed carbs is that they give us quick energy and run out fast. Add a bunch of refined fats on top, and we’re half asleep by Chapter 3. To burn the midnight oil, we need oil that burns slowly. This requires a balance of fat and protein, with a moderate amount of unrefined carbs to help out. The protein and carbs provide energy, while the fat keeps the body satisfied for longer. That way, by the end of finals week, we are less likely to discover that we packed on a surprising 5 pounds.

Hemp Seed Oil for a Fat Memory

The worst thing for anyone on exam day is to get there and not be able to remember anything from last night’s cram session. As it turns out, diet can affect memory as well. Bad fats, those too high in polyunsaturated fats, may not have the right balance of Omega 3s and Omega 6s that are so important for memory. Hemp seeds have the perfect mix, which makes them ideal for the night before or the morning of the exam.

“I want to go to my final exam and fall asleep halfway through!” said no one ever. Thankfully, with hemp seed products, we can pack in the information and keep sailing through until our exams are done.