Hemp Seed Super Food Healthcare Revolution

Posted by Hippie Butter on 16th Aug 2015

Hemp Seed Super Food Healthcare Revolution

Hemp Seed Super Food Healthcare Revolution

Hemp Seed: The Batman of Super Foods

If we had to pick a superhero to represent hemp seeds, we’d pick Batman. After all, like Batman, hemp seeds are so good, even if they feel just a little bit bad. They have the good fats, the amino acids, the proteins that simply ripple down the body… OK, we will stop drooling now. The biggest thing they have in common is that Batman is a superhero, and hemp seeds are undeniably a super food. Here’s why.

Fat Seeds Lead to Less Fat

You’re preparing for fall, for the kids to go back to school, whatever. You don’t want sweater season to become a thirtysomething reprisal of the Freshman 15. That’s why you need fat. No, we didn’t stutter. You need to eat fat to lose fat. When you don’t eat fat, you spend a lot of your time eating carbs, especially sugar, to make up for the absence of fat. If hemp seeds are Batman, refined carbs are like Doctor Octopus. Once you get caught in its tentacles, it’s hard to get out. So fill up with some hemp seeds to get the protein and fat you need to stave off cravings for pumpkin cookies. You know they’re on their way.

Healthcare? How About Heart Care?

If you read a lot about diet on the Internet, you’ll see that the trend of the day is to treat the gut. However, the American Heart Association says that heart disease is still the #1 killer for both men and women. Before you get heartsick over trying to balance these two competing needs, bear in mind that hemp seed holds the key to resolving both in your life. Sprouted hemp seeds are an excellent source of fiber for those trying to heal a leaky gut. Also, hemp seeds are rich in linoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid that is amazing at lowering your bad cholesterol, moderating your blood pressure and even increasing your insulin sensitivity.

It looks like the hemp seed is here to save the day yet again. The nice thing is that you don’t need to flash a sign in the night sky to get help when you want it. Just hop online, and your hemp seed order will be winging its way to you faster than a speeding bullet. Oh, wait, that’s Superman. Anyway, you can grab a tablespoon of hemp seeds whenever you like and reap the healthcare benefits of this totally awesome super food.

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