Hemp Seed Protein Powder Benefits: Energy, Satisfaction

Posted by Hippie Butter on 15th Jul 2016

Hemp Seed Protein Powder Benefits: Energy, Satisfaction, Awesomeness

There are ugly mornings where it feels like 800 cups of coffee is just right, if a little on the conservative side. The trouble is that caffeine can only do so much. We like hemp seeds so much because protein can often do a better job than artificial energy boosts. With the hemp seed protein powder benefits, we get plenty of energy without having to break the bank at Starbucks or gain a ton of weight eating too many carbs.

What is Hemp Seed Protein Powder?

Go to any health section of the grocery store, and there will be an entire aisle of protein powders. Some of them look a little scary, from the picture on the front of the person who clearly skipped leg day, to the virtually unreadable nutrition facts on the back. A bunch of weird fillers? Yikes! Protein powder from hemp seeds is much better. Hemp seeds are finely ground, and some of the fiber is sifted away. This leaves a protein powder that dissolves nicely in a smoothie or even in baked goods.

Balanced Nutrition with Hemp Seed Protein Powder

We need a balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates to fuel our bodies for whatever we want to do. The trouble is that we tend to lean far too heavy on carbohydrates and fat. That is why hemp seed protein powder is so awesome. It has the perfect ratio of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, believed to reduce inflammation and cut down risk of heart disease. Adding it with fruit for a smoothie makes the perfect meal before or after a workout, or even just a day at the office.

Let’s face it: we don’t just need protein powder for a workout. With the way we run nonstop throughout the day, we should be looking to maximize the nutrition we get out of every meal. Fortunately, hemp seed protein powder benefits us with the perfect balance of fat and protein, so that we can boost our energy, stay satisfied between meals, and be less likely to skip workouts in favor of Netflix.