Hemp Seed Flour is the Perfect Flour Alternative

Posted by Hippie Butter on 25th Sep 2014

Hemp Seed Flour is the Perfect Flour Alternative

Hemp Seed Flour is the Perfect Flour Alternative

These days, it’s hip to hate wheat. And let’s be honest, there is a whole lot wrong with wheat. High in carbohydrates, causing inflammation and all manner of problems. But, when we want to replace wheat in our favorite baked goods, sometimes we hit the wall. And, almond flour everything gets a little old after a while. As it turns out, our good friend hemp comes to the rescue once again. With hemp seed flour, we get the protein we need to grow strong and fit. It tastes pretty good in a smoothie, too.

Hemp Seed Protein

Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS) requires a delicate balance of diet and strength training. Most people load up on a protein shake made from animal proteins or soy proteins to help them build muscles. However, these choices do not work for everyone. The protein powders we see at the supermarket are often heavily processed. And those who cannot tolerate dairy or soy must not have them. Fitness buffs who need to build muscle mass should take care to add the amino acid leucine into their diets. It is leucine, eaten every 4-6 hours, that contributes most to MPS. And, hemp seeds are relatively high in leucine. Hemp seed flour is just another easy way to get this essential amino acid into our diets.

Hemp Seed Flour Uses

Besides helping with MPS, hemp seeds are high in protein and fat for a healthy lifestyle. The seeds are eaten in a variety of ways, from the whole seeds to hemp seed meal, oil and flour. The flour is an excellent alternative to traditional wheat flour. Unlike flour made from wheat, hemp seed flour is gluten-free. Finding flour alternatives that work with a gluten-free lifestyle can be difficult. Hemp seed flour opens up options to people who need to be gluten-free, or those who are avoiding grains entirely. As an added plus, hemp seed flour does not just belong in baked goods. It also works well in a smoothie, which is more than we can say for the all-purpose flour we grew up with.

Is there anything that hemp cannot do? Hemp seed flour helps us get enough protein in our diets and gives us a flour alternative that cannot be beat. All we have to do is open wide and enjoy the benefits.