Hemp Seed Dog Treats are Superfood for your Best Friend

Posted by Hippie Butter on 21st Jun 2014

Hemp Seed Dog Treats are Superfood for your Best Friend

Hemp seed is a superfood that has taken the culinary world by storm; the dog food world is no different! Hemp seed, which is similar to another raw superfood – flax seed, is chalked full of all of the essentials for optimum health.

buy-now-free-gift.pngSo what specifically makes hemp seed so great? Hemp seed is known as a ‘complete protein’ ingredient because it is an incredibly concentrated source of many essential protein fibers. Additionally, the protein mix is balanced to show positive effects across almost every aspect of health. The high dose of protein will give dogs a burst of energy and support muscle growth as well as strong bone health.

The essential fats, Omega 3 and Omega 6, help dogs maintain their beautiful, full, shiny coats and aid the digestion process. That sounds like more than enough reason to feed your dog hemp seed treats, right? Well – there’s more!

This really is a famous superfood with endless benefits. The hemp seeds are also rich sources of antioxidants to boost immune system, amino acids to reduce risk of diabetes, fiber to regulate digestion, zinc to promote faster healing, iron to strengthen bones, carotene to improve vision, phospholipids for healthy skin, phytosterols to speed up metabolism, vitamins for improved overall health, chlorophyll to freshen breath, calcium for strength, magnesium to make dogs happier, sulfur to combat itchy skin, copper for a healthy liver, potassium to combat urinary stones, phosphorus to suppress toxic build-up, and the rare Gamme Linolenic Acid (GLA) for overall optimal health. The results are obvious!

Luckily your dog will love eating their hemp seed treats as much as you love the health benefits! The texture of the hemp seed in the treats is wonderful and offers a new, interesting surprise for your dog’s taste buds while combining with other yummy flavors effortlessly.

Hemp Seed Flour Dog Treat Recipe Video

Hemp Seed Dog Treats are Superfood for your Best Friend

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