Hemp Protein Stops Sugar Cravings

Posted by Hippie Butter on 21st Aug 2014

Hemp Protein Stops Sugar Cravings

Hemp Protein Stops Sugar Cravings

When you change your diet and try to lose weight by reducing the food you eat, you'll probably experience sugar cravings. You might find yourself at the grocery store in the middle of the night looking for Snickers bars and bags of M&Ms, unable to resist the lure of something sweet.

We'd like to share how you can fight against those sugar cravings by using hemp protein.

Regulate Your Blood Glucose

One of the reasons why you start to crave sugar when you're on a diet is because your blood sugar isn't steady, and diet foods aren't satisfying. Eating meals filled with simple carbohydrates and sugar leaves your body wanting more too soon. Simple carbohydrates that don't provide lasting energy make it hard to resist sitting down for another bite.

Hemp seed food products offer a healthy dose of dietary fiber, which helps regulate blood glucose. When your glucose levels remain steady, you experience fewer crashes and aren't as likely to crave sugar to fill that void.

Stay Full with Hemp Protein

When you eat sweets, your body releases endorphins, which make you feel happy, but which also mean you want more sugar when those endorphins fade. How do you keep from experiencing sugar cravings after meals?

By including hemp seed protein in your healthy recipes!

Boosting your protein intake with hemp food products helps keep you full and reduces your body's urge to go pick up another snack. Ever get some take-out food and fill yourself to the brim only to feel hungry an hour later like you haven't eaten in days?

That's your body telling you it didn't get enough healthy nutrients and that a sugar craving probably isn't too far behind. The healthy plant-based protein in hemp helps keep you full so you can avoid those late-night trips to the cupboard to grab a cookie.

Hemp seeds also feature an incredible number of valuable minerals and nutrients. Linoleic acid for brain health, manganese for bone health, and zinc for metabolism support are just a few of the terrific components of hemp protein.

Want to reduce sugar cravings and enjoy a more effective, healthy diet? Try adding hemp seeds to your meals and enjoy long-lasting satisfaction after every meal.

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