Hemp Is A Girl's Best Friend

Posted by Hippie Butter on 8th Jan 2015

Hemp Is A Girl's Best Friend

Hemp Is A Girl's Best Friend

There is a secret out there in the world of skin care products. It is a secret that many people on both sides of the natural/artificial debate would rather avoid discussing. The ugly truth is that many natural skin care products feel strange. They are either too oily or stiff, nothing like the sensual layers of chemically murderous loveliness we used to put on. Isn’t there a better way? As it turns out, there is. Hemp seed oil offers the right balance of natural but comfortable that most women wish they could get from their natural skin care products.

The Natural Debate

Most of us have come down on both sides of this debate at one point in time or another. Using soaps, body washes and lotions with synthetic ingredients felt the way it was supposed to. Most of us are not old enough to remember the natural alternatives. So, when we read about how ingredients such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate are seemingly just killing us slowly, we pushed for natural choices. Some people just rub oil on their skin. But, many oils are, well, oily. And, the dewy look is best left on 21-year-old models. What’s a girl to do? Enter our good friend cannabis.

Hemp Skin Care

Despite rumors to the contrary, hemp seeds cannot make people high. Besides, the oil is used in such small quantities that it would not even be an issue. Lots of women want to try making their own beauty products so they know exactly what is in them. And, for that, hemp seed oil is queen. This oil goes on light and moisturizes without leaving that greasy feeling. And, for those who are simply too busy to make natural products (which is to say, practically everyone), there are still a lot of fun options to try. Shampoorich conditionersoaplotionmassage oil… STOP! You had us at “massage oil.”

The trick to trying natural skin care products is to be aware of the potential pitfalls. Natural oils generally avoid the prospective side effect of, well, death. But, they can feel kind of icky if the wrong oils are selected. Why not try out hemp seed oil bath products? With hemp, women get the best-looking, healthy skin without looking like they have been catapulted back to their teenage years.