Hemp Body Care: Safe, Sane and Sensual

Posted by Hippie Butter on 12th Mar 2016

Hemp Body Care: Safe, Sane and Sensual

Have you ever bought a body care product you thought would be safe, and turned out to be more wrong than a five-year-old at a screening of “Deadpool”? It’s not a pretty sight. What we put on our bodies can be just as important as what we eat, and the safety of body care products cannot be ignored. With hemp body care, we start with a safe oil and add healthy ingredients to make skin glow.

Discerning Between All-Natural and Safe Skin Care

Too many people make the automatic assumption that all-natural = safe. While it is often true, it is not always true. What we put in our mouths does not always belong on our skin, and vice versa. Some people believe that they can slap any old food-grade oil on and it will look great. This is true for hemp seed oil, but not true for, say, olive oil. Hemp seed oil has linoleic acid that does a great job of dissolving acne and decreasing inflammation. By comparison, olive oil has been known to aggravate eczema and contact dermatitis. That’s a good look for summer. Or not.

The Ingredients Make (or Unmake) the Skin

So, it is really important to use the right kind of oil in any body care product we are going to choose. We could take some kind of natural oil like hemp seed oil and then mix some petroleum or rat poison in it and think it’s still good for us. Now, this seems like an exaggeration, until you brave Walmart and see what cans of debauchery the mainstream body care manufacturers are opening up for consumers. Parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, phthalates, oh my! Adding these to even the most natural ingredients can nullify their benefits, and even add a few risks on top.

Hemp Body Care: Holistic Health Care

Whew! All these layers of complication make it easier to understand why the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database is so comprehensive. Putting all the right ingredients in the same package makes such a big difference in the overall safety of the product. Thankfully, most products containing hemp rate at a very low risk based on EWG’s fairly rigid standards for skin safety and overall health. So that means we can enjoy our hemp seed oil, glycerin soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing cream without even worrying about a bad hair day.

Natural body care products can be a misnomer, but hemp body care is all truth. With hemp on our skin, we are good to go