Fun Things To Do with Hemp Seed Flour

Posted by Hippie Butter on 26th Sep 2016

Fun Things To Do with Hemp Seed Flour

Hemp Seed Flour is produced by milling and sifting Hemp Seed Cake that is produced after crushing Hemp Seeds for oil. It's gluten-free and adds the delectable, nutty flavor of Hemp Seeds to your baked goods such as breads, muffins, cookies or waffles. Just substitute half the flour in your favorite recipes with Hemp Seed Flour. Hemp Seed Flour deepens the texture of bread, provides a nice serving of fiber, lots of omega essential fatty acids and increases the digestible protein.

The easiest and way to bake with hemp seed flour is mixing 50% hemp flour with 50% bread flour and follow your favorite bread recipe.  Click Here for my Hemp Flour Bread Recipe

Use hemp seed flour in your favorite smoothie recipes instead of hemp seed protein powder. Hemp seed flour has more fiber and less protein. Perfect for someone who doesn't need the extra protein everyday and wants to be more regular.

Hemp seed flour make a great breading for all your favorite meats, chicken, fish or vegetables. Use 50% hemp seed flour with 50% bread crumbs and seasonings. Mix all ingredients together and use either an egg or milk wash to keep the breading in place.

Flour tortilla are all the rage right now and even being used by Burger King to replace the bun on their whopper. Hemp seed flour tortilla are fun to make and can be used with so many foods.  Click Here for my Hemp Flour Tortilla Recipe.

Replace the regular flour in your moms brownie recipe with hemp seed flour and cocoa powder (use equal amounts of both). Use whatever other fresh ingredients you normally use in your brownies, such as your choice of sweetener and egg alternatives. No one will know they're eating healthy food.

Mix hemp seed flour into grains like oats, millet or quinoa, or use a grain-free porridge instead. Warm a half cup of almond milk or hemp seed milk on medium heat, just until it’s warm to the touch. Pour into a cereal bowl and stir in 2 tablespoons of coconut flour, 3 tablespoons of hemp seed flour, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, cinnamon, vanilla, and some shredded coconut. Keep stirring until you get a thick porridge consistency and top with your favorite fruit or more hemp seeds. You can also use oats if you’re an oatmeal lover, as it will turn out just as nice.

Do you have a furry friend that deserves a treat once or twice a day. Why go to the store and buy processed dog treats made with bad ingredients. I bake my best friend hemp dog treats about once a week.  Click Here for my Hemp Seed Flour Dog Treats Recipe.

Hemp seed flour can be used in so many fun ways and is cholesterol-free, rich in magnesium, which will gives you energy for the day, assist in healthy nervous system function, and even keep you very regular. Start baking with hemp seed flour for a groovier life.