Effectively Using Hemp Products To Build Muscle

Posted by Jackie on 18th Feb 2020

Effectively Using Hemp Products To Build Muscle

It takes up to 8 weeks for visible muscle growth to be seen, according to Abbie Smith-Ryan of the University of North Carolina. While most people looking to bulk up will embark on a rigorous training routine and consume ample amounts of protein, there could be something missing from their muscle-building routine; hemp. So just how can hemp products be used to support the growth of your muscles?

A complete protein

Hemp is commonly used as a protein powder by athletes as it contains an impressive 20 amino acids. These amino acids make hemp a complete protein, something which is hard to come by, especially if you follow a strict plant-based diet like the 6.5 million Americans that currently identify as vegans. Some of the most crucial amino acids found in hemp are branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) which encourage the muscles to grow and repair them following exercise. Another benefit of taking hemp as a protein powder is that it’s 98% digestible, meaning that very little goes to waste and almost all of is it put to use restoring and building your muscles.

A complementary muscle-booster

Supplements are commonly used in the sporting world, with up to 85% of elite track and field athletes using them to boost their performance, and, more importantly, the size of their muscles. Anabolic steroids used for muscle growth such as SARMs may be taken as they stimulate androgen receptors and make the muscles more sensitive to the effects of testosterone. As a result, the muscles get bigger quicker. Hemp can be taken alongside SARMs and similar supplements to support muscle development. Coffee, chocolate, flour, butter, and seeds containing hemp can all regularly be consumed to further bolster the muscles and to achieve the overall muscle density that you desire.

The power of hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are packed full of healthy fats and protein which is what makes them a great muscle-building tool. 30 grams of hemp seeds contain 11 grams of protein which is a similar amount to what you’d find in meat such as lamb. When you’re trying to bulk up, it’s recommended that you consume between 1.2 and 1.7 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight, so sprinkling toasted hemp seeds on your meals and adding hemp seed butter to slices of fruit is an easy way to increase your protein intake. Plus, hemp seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which is an acid known to boost athletic performance. Research has found that omega 3 reduces muscle soreness, meaning you’ll be able to work your muscles for longer by simply consuming hemp seeds before and after a workout.

Hemp is an effective and powerful substance that can be used to achieve the body that you’ve always longed for. As hemp is packed full of protein and contains multiple essential nutrients, your muscles will instantly benefit from regularly consuming it and it won’t be long before your muscles are visibly bigger, stronger, and healthier.