Discover The Best Techniques To Care For Hemp Fabrics

Posted by Jackie on 8th Sep 2020

Discover The Best  Techniques To Care For Hemp Fabrics

Hemp fabric has come a very long way since the first American flag was made from it in 1776. Today, the hemp fabric industry is flourishing with hemp textiles being used to create a wide variety of items ranging from shirts and dresses to curtains and tablecloths. When cared for correctly, hemp fabric will soften and become more comfortable to wear. In fact, knowing how to wash, dry, and iron your hemp garments and linen correctly will help you keep them looking and feeling their best for as long as possible.

Wash with care

Regardless of it being a durable fabric, special care needs to be taken when washing your hemp garments and linen. Washing your hemp items by hand is recommended as machine washing has been known to affect both the texture and strength of the fabric, resulting in premature wear and tear. Even though hemp is hypoallergenic, it is important to remember that the detergent you use may still trigger an allergic reaction. Always opt to use a gentle cleaning agent that is free of chemicals like formaldehyde and ammonia. Instead, use a gentle, all-natural detergent that will keep your fabric in tip-top condition without impacting your well-being in a negative manner.

Don’t ‘over-dry’ your clothing

There are a number of ways to effectively dry your hemp linen and garments. Line drying your items in the sun is recommended although it may not always be a practical solution, especially when drying large items in a small space. If line drying isn’t an option, pop your hemp items into the tumble dryer and dry on a low heat setting until somewhat damp. Be sure to remove it immediately and iron before it dries completely. Be careful to never wring out wet hemp fabric prior to hanging it on the line or putting it in the dryer as the fibers will become damaged and result in pesky wrinkles. Don’t ever leave your hemp items in the sun (or dryer) for too long as excessive drying will also result in severe fiber damage.

Ironing when damp is best

When ironing your favorite hemp dress or tablecloth, be sure that it is still slightly damp. Hemp can handle high temperatures with ease so there is no need to be hesitant of ironing out any wrinkles. Stretch the item you are going to iron out into its natural shape before ironing as normal. When ironing dark-colored hemp, always iron it on the underside only. Lighter fabrics can be ironed on the underside first and then on the right side to bring out a beautiful, natural sheen. Iron the fabric until it is smooth but still not entirely dry. Once all the unsightly wrinkles have been ironed out, hang the item back on the line to dry completely. 


Hemp fabrics are becoming increasingly popular among modern-day Americans. By taking special precautions when washing and drying your items you can rest assured that your hemp garments and linen will last for many years to come.

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