Afternoon Burnout Again? Stop It the Hippie Way

Posted by Hippie Butter on 26th Jul 2015

We’re sorry, what were you saying? It’s just so exhausting to try to keep pace at home or in the office once afternoon hits and the coffee buzz goes down the drain. The trouble is that there are so many foods that give us a big boost of energy in the morning. After a few hours, we feel as dead as disco. The trick, as it turns out, is to eat something filled with protein and fat in the afternoon to boost energy and slow the afternoon burnout.  Hemp seeds are a great and tasty way to accomplish this.

Eat Better in the Morning

Of course, if we are being completely we honest, we should admit that we know it is better to eat something healthy in the morning. That way we can avoid the burnout question before it arises. Too many people make the mistake of eating something high in carbs but low in fat for breakfast, along with their morning coffee. After a few hours, they are crashing, so they eat lunch. It does not do enough to get them through the long slog to dinner. Work on that report due tomorrow? Nah, it’s time for a little nap. Instead, a couple of slices of bread with  hemp seed butter, or a hemp seed smoothie, are better ways to start the day. Beat the Burnout

There are a few reasons that foods higher in protein and fat seem to help keep people from feeling as tired in the afternoon. Protein and fat are not as energy-dense as carbs and sugar. That means that our bodies do not burn through them as quickly. It also means that the body does not get a shocking boost of energy, either, instead releasing energy gradually as the body digests the food. A 2014 study showed that people who eat a high-protein snack in the afternoon are more likely to feel full longer and eat less throughout the day.

Getting rid of the sleepy afternoon does not take much work. Just a tablespoon or two of crunchy  hemp seeds or hemp butter will give enough fat and protein to fill us up for hours. That way, we can spend our daytime actively working, instead of wishing we could just go to sleep.