Discover 8 Hemp Myths And Realities That Everyone Gets Wrong

Posted by Hippie Butter on 12th Jul 2019

Discover 8 Hemp Myths And Realities That Everyone Gets Wrong

You Can Get “High” From Hemp Seeds & Might Fail a Drug Test

Industrial hemp contains such a low amount of THC, the human body will process it faster than it can be absorbed. As a result, there is no chance a person can get high on industrial hemp. Hemp seed foods contain even less THC than the plants they come from and that makes it impossible to fail a drug test from eating food made with hemp seeds. No matter how much you eat. Hemp seeds are considered a superfood that will provide your body and mind with all the essential fatty acids necessary for a healthy life.

Buying and Selling Hemp is illegal in the US

Industrial hemp products are completely legal to buy in their final form (soap, clothes, hemp seed food, hempcrete, etc.). Growing hemp or selling live hemp is illegal without the proper licenses. As a result, most hemp products sold in the United States are made from hemp grown in other countries.

Hemp is a Male Marijuana Plant

All cannabis sativa l. plants will be male, female and on rare occasions both. It is the female cannabis plant that is grown to full maturity and harvested for seed oil or THC. Male plants die off shortly after they have completed pollination but are still used for fuel and fiber.

Industrial Hemp, Medical Marijuana, and Recreational Cannabis are All the Same Plant

Although industrial hemp, medical marijuana, and recreational cannabis are all members of the Cannabis Sativa L. family,  industrial hemp is different from other cannabis sativa species by its extremely low THC content. Medical marijuana and recreational cannabis will contain THC levels from 10% to 25%, industrial hemp must contain less than .03% THC to be legal. Industrial hemp is also cultivated in very different ways from medical and recreational marijuana, mostly at a commercial level for industrial purposes ranging from health food and skin care to building materials.

Only Rope and Clothes are made from Hemp

Although the value of hemp fiber has been recognized for centuries, other parts of the plant have become valuable in the modern era: seeds, core, and flowers. Today, many thousands of uses for the plant are well known, and what was once seen as plant waste is now seen as valuable commodities.

People Will Hide Marijuana Plants in Industrial Hemp Fields

The idea that “marijuana growers” will hide their medical or recreational plants in industrial hemp fields is non-sense. The pollen from the industrial male hemp plant will lower the THC quantity and quality in the marijuana plants. Making the hidden medical or recreational marijuana worthless.

Industrial Hemp Research is Not Necessary

Research is crucial for the success of the  new hemp industry. We can’t just dust off some old books and pick up where our forefathers left off! Modern hemp research will provide invaluable insight into agronomy, cultivation, harvesting, and processing, all very important to building the essential infrastructure modern industrial hemp needs to thrive.

Industrial Hemp Can Save the World

Industrial hemp is a clean, sustainable  alternatives to many products you use every day but it cannot solve every problem the world has. Industrial hemp is a very valuable crop for American farmers and it can help our economy and our environment. It’s good to support industrial hemp, but please don’t burden the plant with the responsibility of saving our planet!


Hemp can have positive uses in every aspect of our lives. The health benefits of hemp continue to be explored and gain more attention.

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