What Is the Future of Hemp in 2020?

Posted by Kurt Walker on 3rd Dec 2019

As legal hemp is entering the U.S. market, many things are going to change.Historically, hemp was illegal to grow or sell in the United States, but it was legal to buy from foreign sources. In Decembe … read more

Why Is Hemp The Perfect Smoothie Ingredient?

Posted by Jackie on 7th Nov 2019

Consuming a nutritionally poor diet is the largest contributing factor to the burden of disease in the U.S, alongside the excess consumption of sugar and the inadequate intake of nutrient-dense fruits … read more

The Definitive Guide to Vegan Chocolate

Posted by Kurt Walker on 23rd Oct 2019

Ancient Greeks believed that gods feasted on nectar and ambrosia, but it seems we humans had a different outlook on the divine food here on Earth. How so? Well, the delicious treat we call chocolate c … read more