7 Surprising Uses Of Organic Hemp

Posted by Harmony on 6th Dec 2017

7 Surprising Uses Of Organic Hemp

It is surprising, considering how versatile organic hemp is, that it is not discussed and utilized more in mainstream society.

Whether you're building a house or hoping to improve your health, hemp may be the answer.

Keep reading to learn 7 surprising uses for organic hemp.

1. Eating To Better Health

Hemp seeds are extremely high in nutritional value. They are an excellent source of the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin E

They also are high in two essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6.

Organic hemp has many proven health benefits. It's known to lower the risk of heart disease, reduce the symptoms of PMS and menopause as well as help treat certain skin conditions.

Digestive health benefits from eating hemp because of the high levels of fiber. It can be beneficial for those who work out every day due to it being a rich source of protein.

It's not difficult and doesn't have to be boring when making organic hemp part of your healthy lifestyle. Hemp flour & butter are available to cook or bake with and can replace your usual choices without much adjustment. You can even indulge in hemp seed chocolate bars as a guilt-free pleasure with added health benefits.

2. Man's Best Friend's Health

Dogs Naturally Magazine applauds organic hemp seed as not only a superfood for humans but also for man's best friend.

It can be a helpful tool in pain management, lower risk of cancer and provide important omega-3 fatty acids to help with overall health and a shiny coat.

Older dogs may particularly benefit from the joint pain relief of using hemp seed. It's often given in oil form or can be added to their food. Dog treats are sold made with hemp too.

You can also buy several accessories for dogs such as collars, bedding, leashes and toys that are made from organic hemp. The material is durable, soft and available in a variety of styles in pet stores, vets offices, and specialty shops.

It's not just good for dogs, hemp has been explored and used as livestock feed in agricultural farming around the world.

3. Soil & Water Purification

Toxic metals and even radiation can be filtered out of soil and water with organic hemp fiber. Hemp cleans soil through a process known as phytoremediation. Scientists researching its benefits in cleaning up Chernobyl said hemp has proven to be one of the best plants for this process.

Hemp is used by several companies for water bottle filters and its ability to clean toxins out of contaminated water has been recognized and utilized by many countries around the world.

4. The Automotive and Fuel Industry

Car companies have long considered and experimented with hemp as an automotive construction material. Henry Ford made a vehicle in the 1940s out of soybean and hemp materials.

There are other materials that are easier to harden and form but hemp is remarkable for its durability and biodegradable and economic benefits. Cars would have greater fuel efficiency if made by materials such as hemp. Auto parts, insulation, cords, plastics, and bricks have all proven successful hemp implications.

Hemp is a viable option for fuel, though many governments are demanding more research into the positive and negative impact of financially backing its development.

5. What Are You Wearing?

Hemp clothing and accessories are not new to the market but they are getting better all the time. Hemp fabric is versatile and durable while being soft and warm.

Hemp is manufactured into fabrics such as wool, canvas, silk, and fleece. Hemp creates a durable and long-lasting material that can be used for clothing, linen, furniture, hats, and backpacks. Hemp is a good choice for another important reason -- it's naturally fire resistant.

The possibilities for organic hemp fabric are practically limitless. It has proven useful for sailing equipment and as parachute webbing. Military uniforms tend to be durable when created with hemp fabrics.

Rembrandt, Van Gogh and other famous painters all have early works that were created on hemp canvases.

Hemp paper and cardboard could save forests and improve our environment. It can be recycled up to 7 times and does not require chemicals like bleach during production.

6. Organic Hemp Does Your Body Good

Your body can benefit from the external use of hemp by adding it to your skincare and hygiene routine. Hemp soaps, bath products, skin creams, massage oils and hair products are all available for consumers.

It is available in sunscreens, shaving creams and cosmetics giving increased Vitamin D.

Dermatitis and other skin conditions have been improved by use of organic hemp products. Adding hemp products to your beauty regime can have many positive effects on your skin.

Skin rashes, acne and the symptoms of eczema have improved and even disappeared for many after they changed to hemp based products and added it to their diets.

7. Organic Hemp, I'll Drink to That

Hemp's popularity is increasing and many are drinking it up.

Hemp doesn't just filter and cleanse our water but it makes one heck of a cup of coffee. Organic hemp coffee has become a choice for those wanting to cut down on caffeine and boost their health with their morning cup of joe.

Coffee isn't our only way of enjoying a hemp beverage. Beer, energy drinks, protein shakes and nutrition smoothies are all options. Hemp juice is sold as a mix for alcoholic or juice drinks.

Hemp milk is used as a non-dairy alternative. Said to have a nutty flavor, many use it with their cereal in the morning or find it good as a dairy substitute in their coffee or tea. Hemp milk is also available in flavors such as vanilla and chocolate.

Hemp beverages can be found in local grocery stores or specialty health shops and can be an easy way to add the health benefits of hemp without much effort.

The Benefits Of Organic Hemp

Hemp can have positive uses in every aspect of our lives. The health benefits of hemp continue to be explored and gain more attention.

Check out these products to add hemp to your healthy choices today.