7 From the Heart Reasons We Started Hippie Butter

Posted by Hippie Butter on 7th Sep 2015

 7 From the Heart Reasons We Started Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Products

We’re Brad and Melete, CHOs (Chief Hemp Officers) and owners of Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Products. We REALLY love Hemp! Here are a few reasons why we started our own small business.

1. We're in the Hemp Seed business because we believe in the extraordinary goodness of the 10,000 year old Hemp plant. We didn't just jump into the Hemp business to get “rich quick” or ride a trend. We started Hippie Butter, LLC 5 years ago in earnest because we've personally experienced the healthy-life benefits of Hemp foods. Hemp helps repair the health problems processed foods create.

2. Our mission is simple: to purchase, promote and deliver a growing line of delicious, nutritious, gourmet hemp seed foods, beverages, and skin/hair care products for people who live a natural lifestyle, love healthy foods and work to leave a healthy planet for future generations.

3. Our small business is our raison d’etre -- our reason to be!. We both left successful careers in other industries because we recognized our calling to educate people about the more than 50,000 uses for Industrial Hemp products. Goodbye, Johnny Appleseed. Hello Johnny Hempseed! 
Click on the link to find out more about Our Hippie Butter Story. http://www.hippiebutter.com/learn/

4. Hippie Butter isn't a giant corporation. It's just us, a husband and wife team committed to each other, our Hemp Seed Dreams and the belief that Hippie Butter Does Hemp Better! Our competitors are large, impersonal corporations or uninformed small businesses that place dollars ahead of people and the planet. We’re always open so call us anytime at 972-354-4504. We’re here to answer your questions and provide top customer support.

5. Hemp Seed Protein Powder saved Melete’s life! Several years ago, she was diagnosed with thyroid disease, but her doctors prescribed medications to which (unknown to doctors and Melete alike) she was allergic. Her health continued to inexplicably decline. Melete lost her appetite and stopped eating. At a height of 5’9”, her weight dropped in six months from 130 lbs. to 100 lbs. Alarmed, Brad made smoothies for her daily, mixing Hemp Seed Protein Powder and orange juice. Eventually, the great team of doctors at UT Southwestern Hospital discovered her medication allergy and changed her treatments. The doctors credited her quick health turn-around to the Hemp Seed Protein Powder smoothies, which provided the easily-digestible protein that protected her lean muscle mass and prevented extreme health damage. Now Melete’s happy, hempy and healthy!

6. Hemp Seeds make us love food even more! We add them to everything we eat and incorporate them in all of our baking recipes. Click on our link to discover easy ways to Cook with Hemp Seeds  http://www.hippiebutter.com/news/my-favorite-ways-to-use-hemp-seeds/

7. We’re happy!. We do think of ourselves as the Happy Hippies of Hippie Butter and our logo IS a smiling Hemp Seed. We love what we do, we love connecting with our friends and customers through social media, events and festivals. We hope that our commitment to happy people and Hempy foods comes through in all we do. Our motto: Make it a Hippie Day!