5 Reasons To Use Hemp Seed Butter

Posted by Harmony on 10th May 2017

5 Reasons To Use Hemp Seed Butter

Go to the nut butter aisle of any grocery store today, and you'll be a little overwhelmed by all the choices. 

Plain old Jif just doesn't make the cut anymore. Now there's almond butter, macadamia butter, and cashew butter as well. 

However, many varieties of nut butter aren't as healthy as meets the eye.

Peanuts may carry potent carcinogens that they pick up from other field crops.  Many kinds of nut butter on the shelf have artificial sweeteners or ingredients added to them to rev up their flavor. And, many kinds of raw nut butter are pasteurized, a process that protects the body against salmonella but strips the nuts of some of their nutrients. 

So what spread should you turn to in times of trouble?

When it comes to butter, hemp seed butter is the now best thing since sliced bread.

Although hemp has been used for thousands of centuries, (it's use dates back to 8,000 BC, when it was supposedly first used in pottery) it is now just becoming popular on the natural food scene as an alternative to other unhealthy choices. 

This is because hemp seed butter has many awesome benefits that people are going nuts over (sorry nut butter, no pun intended).

Read this article to discover the top five reasons you should be using this butter!

1. Weight Loss or Maintenance 

Many of us are looking for ways to lose weight or to make sure we maintain our ideal weight. 

Eating hemp seed butter for breakfast can certainly help in this arena. 

This is because hemp is a natural appetite suppressant. It can help you feel full longer and reduce sugar cravings. 

Add a spoonful to your morning oatmeal to keep those cravings at bay all day long.

2. Digestive and Heart Health

Hemp seed butter is loaded with fiber, a nutrient that helps keep you full and keep your digestive system in check. 

This butter does a lot of favors for the heart as well. 

Eating fiber, plant-based proteins, healthy fats, and less sugar is the recipe for a healthy heart. Conveniently, hemp butter is chock full of all those things and devoid of sugar.

3. Fight Cancer

With all the tasty foods we eat that cause cancer, it's nice to know that there are some tasty and help to fight it. 

Hemp seed butter is one such food. It has a perfect fatty acid profile that makes it a  great food for fighting cancer. 

In fact, according to the British Journal of Cancer, hemp has the potential to stop and even reverse brain cancer. 

4. Taste

Many kinds of nut butter are guilty of having an overpowering taste that isn't always agreeable. 

Hemp is a great alternative if you are looking for a spread that has a subtle, light nutty taste.

5. Versatility

Because of its unique flavor profile, hemp butter can be used as a lot more than just a sandwich spread. 

It makes a great dip for fruits and vegetables, smoothie ingredient, or oatmeal topping. Check out this list for 10 ways to enjoy hemp seed butter. 

Hemp Seed Butter: Bottom Line

Clearly, hemp seed butter is everything you've wanted in a nut butter and so much more. 

Ready to have some of this delicious spread in your life? Check out our product line today!