35 Things To Do Instead Of Eating Sugar

Posted by Hippie Butter on 29th Jun 2015

35 Things To Do Instead Of Eating Sugar

35 Things To Do Instead Of Eating Sugar

The sugar cravings can be wicked, especially first thing in the morning and during the afternoon slump. However, it is really important not to lose sight of what is really important. And no, Snickers does not qualify. There are a virtually unlimited number of things that we can do instead of eating sugar, and most of them will make us better for it. Consider this list of 35 activities, and work on breaking the sugar addiction for good. Eating a tablespoon of hemp seeds is an excellent way to start.

1. Drink a big glass of water.

2. Eat a delicious piece of fruit in season.

3. Set a timer and do another activity for 15 minutes. The craving may go away by itself.

4. Read an article about Monsanto’s rule over the sugar market as “Big Corn.”

5. Eat some hemp seeds, which are filling and help stabilize blood sugar.

6. Go to a farmer’s market and taste the best of local produce.

7. Watch a documentary about the current state of food production and consumption in the United States.

8. Talk to a friend about ditching the Standard American Diet.

9. Browse Pinterest for health recipes involving hemp seeds.

10. Listen to music and sing really loudly in the car.

11. Do the same in the shower.

12. Hang out with the kids.

13. Persuade someone to try veganism for a week and see if they like it.

14. Go for a swim.

15. Make a plan to try a new vegetable, fruit, nut or grain every day for the next week.

16. Go to a new gym in town. Wear a new outfit.

17. Post something inflammatory on Twitter about Americans’ overconsumption of sugar.

18. Take a nap.

19. Organize a vegan bakeoff using hemp seedshemp seed oil and hemp seed flour.

20. Walk the dog on a new route out of the city.

21. Grab some vegetables and dip.

22. Read about the way that sugar keeps people under its power.

23. Spend some quality time with the cat. Better yet, start a cat rental program at work.

24. Tape a small, unopened package of hemp seeds to the nearest vending machine and give someone in a need a healthy snack.

25. Go to bed an hour earlier.

26. Make a delicious fruit smoothie with hemp seed protein powder.

27. Try yoga. The Crow pose takes some work.

28. Be all right with boredom sometimes.

29. Share an article on Facebook that accurately describes your perspective on diet.

30. Practice breathing exercises.

31. Take a luxurious bath with hemp seed skin care products.

32. Watch the latest thriller, with non-GMO popcorn, sea salt and hemp seed oil for a snack.

33. Go on a date.

34. Pay a visit to an aging or sick family member.

35. Eat a slice of toast with hemp seed butter.

See? That wasn’t hard at all. Now, print out this list and tape it to the refrigerator or pantry.

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