3 Ways Hemp Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Posted by Ghost Writer on 15th Sep 2015

3 Ways Hemp Will Make You a Better Entrepreneur

With the internet, newspapers and news channels spreading awareness about industrial hemp (whether positive or negative) many young and old entrepreneurs are turning to hemp to be more innovative, and different. They are also turning to hemp to help strengthen their brand, products and company!

In this short blog you will learn about four ways any entrepreneur will start benefiting from integrating industrial hemp materials and services into their product line, or business operations! If you are reading this you are most likely an entrepreneur or you'd like to start creating and designing your own company, product or lifestyle brand! Hemp really has the qualities and characteristics of abundance, prosperity and is a crucial and essential tool to give you the ability to let your inner boss guide you through success!

My job with this post is to hempower you with the knowledge and information you need to serve your customers, family and community and be a better, stronger, wiser entrepreneur with hemp! Enjoy these four tips to not only make you a better entrepreneur but an empowered "Hemptrepreneur"!

1. Hemp Opens Doors of Opportunity

Now this could easily be perceived as a distraction and this is often the case with many hemp entrepreneurs, but it really comes down to the individual taking action right now to implement and harness the opportunities that arise as a result of being in the hemp industry.

So just know that no matter what field of work you are in, there is something that you can do today to integrate hemp into what you are doing. If you are a musician maybe you can start using hemp shirts for the band, or if you are a chef start using hemp foods in your recipes more. Perhaps you are a lawyer, you might think "there's nothing a lawyer could do to integrate hemp." Well the reality is, lawyers could start working for the benefit of humanity by representing the hemp plant for it's god-given divine nature to be a source for food shelter and clothing. Which reminds me, a lawyer might also want a custom tailored hemp suit to wear while creatively battling the injustice of the cannabis plant while utilizing hemp paper for all their cases!

2. Hemp Helps Boost Your Environmental Responsibility

Entrepreneurs and businesses want to be perceived as responsible, ethical and a benefit to the community while not polluting the world. Many businesses are taking responsibility for the current state of the planet and they are doing something about it in their day-to-day operations. This is how a global change is going to take place. Each person, and ultimately each company, will be the catalyst for how we operate in relationship to Mother Earth.

Integrating hemp into your company is an automatic credibility booster! More and more people are becoming educated about the benefits and value of hemp versus other crops that may deplete or harm the environment. This means that it is becoming more and more desirable to use hemp.

So just know that the more hemp you integrate into your company, product line or business you are easily living up to the standards that are being established by the environmental leaders!

3. Get Inspired by Other Hemp Entrepreneurs

You will seriously be blown away at how many hemp entrepreneurs there are in this world and how many who have come and gone that were some of the most memorable and transformational characters in the storybooks. Here is a not-nearly exhausted list of entrepreneurs and leaders that worked with and proclaimed the righteousness of hemp!

  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Henry Ford
  • Jack Herer

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Written by Tyler Hemp of www.bulkhempwarehouse.com