10 Ways Hemp is the Future of Green Living

Posted by Harmony on 25th Oct 2017

10 Ways Hemp is the Future of Green Living

10 Ways Hemp is the Future of Green Living

Did you know that hemp can save the world?

It's illegal to grow hemp in the U.S., but hemp is actually the future of green living around the world.

If we were to harness every benefit it provides to our air, forests, and soils, we could quickly turn our planet back around to a green future.

Read on to learn about the ten ways hemp is changing the world.

1. Biofuel of the Future

Hemp is a leading competitor in the world of renewable energy sources. Hemp biofuel is easily turned into diesel, and it burns at a more efficient rate and temperature than other biofuels.

2. Reduce Anxiety

Hemp products have a number of health benefits. Hemp oil, in particular, can combat depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

It can also literally rebuild your brain and fund your system with essential fatty acids for maintaining an elevated mood.

3. Prevent Deforestation

Deforestation is a rising problem, and with shrinking forests on the rise, hemp is the answer.

Hemp is a rich alternative to wood and paper products, producing as much paper in one acre as four acres of trees.

4. Hemp Is Naturally Resistant to Pests

Hemp resists pests of all kinds on its own, which means it doesn't require pesticides to flourish as a crop. The fewer pesticides we are spraying on our crops, the less pollution we generate overall.

5. Hemp Makes Soil Happy and Productive

Hemp works wonders on soil, enriching it, removing toxins, and even repairing it.

Hemp absorbs toxic elements and metals, prevents the erosion of soil, and even elevates a soil's fertility levels.

6. Choose Green Living With Biodegradable Plastics

Hemp produces cellulose, an essential and biodegradable component of plastics.

Using hemp to create biodegradable plastics means less petroleum usage and waste, and ultimately fewer water bottles in landfills.

7. Hemp Helps Farmers

Crop rotation is essential to happy, healthy fields, and hemp is an ideal crop to rotate. It also literally repairs soil that has been damaged or overloaded with toxins.

8. Bring Hemp Into Your Home, Literally

You can really harness green living with hemp by using it as a sustainable and sturdy building material.

Hempcrete is a mixture of hemp and other binding agents that insulates homes and keeps them free of fire, mold, pests, and water.

9. Save Water

This is the biggest benefit of using hemp in our world to generate green living. Hemp requires a minimal amount of water to survive, compared to other crops that guzzle water.

Water conservation is a high priority with climate change on the rise.

10. Hemp Can Feed the Planet

Hemp really can stop world hunger.

Not only is it incredibly easy to grow, but hemp seeds are considered a complete protein that can give hungry communities the vitamins and amino acids they need to survive.

Hemp and Green Living

Hemp really can save the world. Not only is it a competitive biofuel, but it is also resistant to pests, supportive of biodegradable plastics, and a source of water conservation.

Farmers, starving nations, homeowners, and beyond can benefit from welcoming hemp into their homes and fields.

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