10 Delicious Ways To Stop Holiday Overeating with Hemp Seeds

Posted by Mellow Mel on 26th Nov 2016

10 Delicious Ways To Stop Holiday Overeating with Hemp Seeds

The Holidays are officially here, and there you are - standing, gazing at a table full of savories and sweets, trying to fight off the urge to shove everything in your mouth, all at once.

Call it what you want - Holiday stress-eating, binging, sugar cravings, emotional eating, family fighting, pressure to eat Grandma’s famous pecan pie, fruit cake, and Chex mix.

How can you stop Holiday overeating? We have the answer! Eat Hemp Seeds before you go to Holiday parties and events.

A handful or two of delicious, nutty Hulled Hemp Seeds will fill you up so you won’t be hungry enough to be tempted by the “12 days of Christmas Junk Food.”

Here's How to Fight Junk Food Cravings by Eating Hemp Seeds

  • Hemp Seeds stop sugar cravings.

  • A couple of handfuls of Hulled or Toasted Salted Hemp Seeds will steady your blood sugar levels.

  • Hemp Seed Food Products offer a healthy dose of dietary fiber, which helps regulate blood glucose. When your glucose levels remain steady, you experience fewer crashes and aren't as likely to crave sugar to fill that void.

  • Hemp Seeds will make you feel full.

  • Hemp Seeds are loaded with the easily-digestible proteins, Edestin and Albumin, and contain the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 essential fatty acids.The healthy, plant-based proteins, and EFAs in Hemp Seeds will help keep you full so you can avoid those tempting pot-luck lunches at work or late-night trips to the cupboard to grab a cookie.

  • Hemp Seeds contain all 9 Amino acids, and an incredible number of valuable vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals. Nutrients Linoleic and Gama Linolenic acids are for brain health, manganese for bone health, and zinc for metabolism support. These are just a few of the terrific components of Hemp Protein.

  • Hemp Seeds are non-GMO, allergen-free, gluten-free, and THC-free. They're Mom approved, Environmentally friendly, and Vegan Certified. Hemp seeds are also great alternatives for dairy, wheat flour, and nuts. You’ll be so full and satisfied by your handful of Hemp Seeds you can stay safely away from the bad nutrition of those Holiday treats.

  • Hemp seeds are superfoods. East some before you leave for that party. Forewarned with Hemp Seeds is forearmed. Plus, Santa will know you’re a good girl or boy.

  • Hemp Seeds won't make you gassy. You can check that off your Social Anxieties list.

  • If you do succumb to Holiday junk foods, never fear. Just eat Hemp Seeds the day after the party. A daily diet rich in Hemp Seed Products will undo and repair the damage done to your body by eating processed, fatty foods.

Mellow Mel and Brad