My 9 Favorite Protein-Rich Diets to Speed Up The Weight Loss Process

Posted by Mellow Mel on 30th Apr 2019

My 9 Favorite Protein-Rich Diets to Speed Up The Weight  Loss Process

As most people know today, protein is one of the most important parts of a healthy diet. As shown in the info graphic from below, it is necessary to help aid the recovery and rebuilding of muscles, we need protein to build better, stronger bodies. Our bodies desire protein in numerous forms and getting protein into your body is easier than ever before. 

With the sheer variety of food, we can pick from in the modern era, there is little to no excuse for not getting enough protein into your system. How, though, can you make this a bit easier? What can you do if you wish to start making sure you eat more protein in your diet?

Here are some excellent protein-rich foods that are great for adding to any weight loss diet

1. Beans

Beans are an excellent source of protein, one of the best. Among the best beans to eat for this would be mung beans and soybeans – in a single cup of soybeans, you could be getting as much as 28.6g of protein. These are one of the best foods around for making sure you can really up to your protein intake.

However, kidney and lima beans are also excellent for adding more protein into your system. Even plain old white beans can have as much as 17.4g of protein in a single cup!

2. Eggs

The humble egg is one of the best foods in the world to eat when you want to increase the level of protein in your diet. Whether you like your egg poaches, boiled, scrambled or anything else, eggs are a good source of protein. They tend to give you a lot of protein depending on the kind of egg, but they also are loaded with other positive ingredients that help to boost muscle mass. 

If you are looking for a strong source of energy as well as a good and rich protein source, simply start eating more eggs.

3. Gruyere cheese

For some, this particular form of cheese might be a touch too much for them. However, this powerful Swiss cheese is a fine choice of protein. It’s got more protein than the egg mentioned above, and also is loaded with Vitamin A. yes, it can be quite strong, but it’s also a cheese that is very enjoyable for the fact it comes with resveratrol within – a powerful antioxidant for fighting off cholesterol.

It’s a fine choice for those who want to lose weight and find an enjoyable cheese that is not too bad for you at all. As ever, though, you should look to eat this in moderation like any other dairy product.

4. Oatmeal

While some of us are not too fond of oatmeal as it can be somewhat bland, it’s a brilliant source of protein. Oats are a fine source of protein and tend to also be a good source of dietary fiber as well. This helps you to better balance out your body: the fact it is such a slow-releasing food, too, means that you get energy for hours from eating oatmeal.

Now, you will be less inclined to snack and eat away during the day, reducing the likelihood of over-eating and thus helping your weight loss alongside the added boost of protein you get.

5. Nuts

Nuts are a very popular form of protein as well as healthy fats. If you want to eat good nuts, then try to go for nuts such as almonds, peanuts, and walnuts. The peanut can have as much as 7g of protein in a single ounce, so you can enjoy a lot of protein just from eating some peanuts. You should also look into trying out some pistachio nuts, as they tend to carry as much as 6g in a single ounce. 

There are numerous forms of the nut to try out, and each form is known for having a lot of protein as well as sources of magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc and, of course, fiber.

6. Cruciferous vegetables

The next choice that we heartily recommend that you try out are some cruciferous vegetables. Items like broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower make it very easy for you to get a lot of fiber into the body, as well as plenty of protein. They are good for helping to ensure your body can enjoy a more diverse range of nutrition. 

On top of that, they make it easy for you to improve your protein intake as most of these vegetables are rich in protein even when they are eaten in quite small portion sizes, making them excellent side-dishes.

7. Soy milk

We also recommend that you take a look at soy milk, too. Soy milk has become a large part of modern dieting thanks to the added protein it gets into your diet. Soy milk is an excellent place to start for those with dairy issues, too, and can give you as much as 7g of protein in a single glass of the stuff. 

If you find it hard to go without milk but you are not suitable for dairy, then soy milk can make an excellent alternative to try.

8. Tofu and tempeh

While by no means by for everyone, tofu and tempeh have become a common choice for a lot of protein seekers. This is a really enjoyable meat alternative and can pack in as much as 11g of protein in just 150g of tofu. That’s one good reason to eat tofu – but it also makes up for any iron deficiencies in a non-meat diet. 

This is great for us and will make sure that you can get a lot of extra magnesium and iron into the system. Tempeh is similar to tofu and contains similar levels of protein as well.

9. Hemp seeds

Last but by no means least, hemp seeds make an excellent addition to your list of products that you use. They tend to taste great and add a nice crunch and texture to your food. They are also very good for you, being a highly rich source of protein. This makes them a good thing to snack on in small doses, offering you a solution that allows you to improve your physical condition without eating too much. 

They are very healthy and, alongside nuts, should make up a good portion of all of your snacking that you do.